Small yet powerful, Jabra LINK 850 is designed to meet the unique demands
of modern contact centers and their agents

(NASHUA, NH – September17
, 2012) – As modern contact centers continue to evolve and become more sophisticated with the migration to Unified Communications platforms, technological requirements are necessary to ensure that agents are able to meet the demands of their customers.  Enter the Jabra LINKTM 850 – the first audio processor on the market that is compatible with both standard telephone systems and VoIP platforms. When purchased with a Jabra headset, the LINK 850 helps increase agent productivity, satisfy more customers faster, reduce employee turnover and boost agent safety.

Easy to set up, use and maintain, the Jabra LINK 850 increases productivity throughout contact centers, connecting to any phone with a modular connector and delivering easy USB power connectivity to PCs.  By optimizing sound quality with features such as Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and phone line noise reduction, agents are able to understand customers more clearly and minimize repeated information, ultimately resulting in improved call turn time and customer satisfaction.  Easy volume control and muting capability also enable agents to work efficiently and make more calls. 

“The Link 850 was designed specifically with productivity and performance in mind, meaning Call Center managers can rest assured that their agents are receiving the most value for their investment,” said Pete Fox, President and GM, Jabra North America. “When used with Jabra headsets, the audio processor really unlocks the full UC potential they hold to ultimately deliver an amazing customer experience.”

“Jabra is the company that cares about the wellbeing of our customers, and contact center employees are the backbone of our customer’s sales and customer support efforts,” continued Fox.


The Jabra LINK 850 also features a Tone Control equalizer that contributes to day-long wearing comfort.  Additionally, PeakStopTM technology does not allow excessively loud sounds to pass through the headset into the ear, protecting against hearing damage.  Features such as these benefit workplace quality in the eyes of agents, reducing the risk of employee attrition due to less than satisfactory working conditions.

The Jabra LINK 850 and other Jabra contact center products are currently available through our channel partners. For more information on Jabra’s line of contact center solutions, please visit, like us on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter at or visit us at Dreamforce in Booth #122. 

About Jabra

Jabra is the brand of GN Netcom, a subsidiary of GN Store Nord A/S (GN) - listed on NASDAQ OMX. Jabra employs approximately 850 people worldwide and in 2011 produced an annual revenue which amounted to DKK 2,106 million. Jabra is a world leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of a broad range of hands-free communications solutions. With a reputation for innovation, reliability, and ease of use that goes back more than two decades, Jabra’s consumer and business divisions produce corded and wireless headsets, plus mobile and in-office speakerphones that empower individuals and businesses through increased freedom of movement, comfort, and functionality


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