To accommodate for its expected 100% employment rise, Jabra now opens the doors to its new R&D center in Xiamen. The brand new high-tech ergonomically fitted facility will accommodate for the explosive growth that Jabra is foreseeing towards 2016.

(COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, 25 OCTOBER, 2012) On October 25, 2012, Jabra will move to its new R&D facilities in Xiamen; a brand new, top-notch, high-tech, ergonomically fitted facility to accommodate an expected employment increase of 100% in the region over the next four years. For Jabra, employee satisfaction, safety and well-being are crucial parameters in achieving the projected growth and vigorous development.

The new facility will be celebrated at an event joined by local top politicians, business partners, Jabra executives from Jabra Headquarters in Denmark Senior Vice President of Operations and R&D Thomas Evers Christensen, VP of Supply Chain Anders Jenmalm, VP of Quality and Engineering Niclas Blohm and VP of Copenhagen R&D Brian Laursen and regional media.

As one of only 7 companies in Xiamen, Jabra China has been certified as an advanced high-tech service company. Jabra China has also become the first company in the Fujian province of China to receive tax free on all imported equipment used in product development.  

Jabra is by no means new to the region, but have an almost 100 year history in Xiamen, establishing the first telegraph cable to East Asia.  And Xiamen is by no means chosen by coincidence as it is rated as one of best cities in China to live, which makes workforce and infrastructure very stable.

In Xiamen, Jabra is considered a role model for other companies located in the area. With the new facility, Jabra is building on its good reputation as a highly attractive place to work and contribute to the low employee turn-over of 5-6 percent. Generally in Asia, the turn-over rate is considerably higher and to Jabra this confirms the success of its human resource strategy in China.

“The close collaboration between Xiamen and the Jabra headquarter is the key to success.  Both parties have worked together to overcome the cross culture barrier that typically occurs and have managed to create synergies that benefit both parties. With our excellent work in Xiamen we have shown that it is possible to do business and collaborate across cultures with success and with respect to the benefit of both parties” explains Thomas Evers Christensen, Senior Vice President, Global R&D and Operation.

The center is a consolidation of several different Jabra facilities in the region and will employ both highly specialized scientific and R/D personnel as well as repair and administrative personnel. The organization and layout of the facility builds on Jabra’s knowledge within the field of ergonomics and provides an ergonomically conscious workplace solution to all 120 personnel on site.

“Except for Global repair center, the new facility has consolidated all Jabra functions in Xiamen.  The office consists of R&D, Quality, Domestic repair center, part of supply chain and shared functions.  It also hosts the advanced laboratories for R&D, reliability test and ROSH. Moreover, a well-equipped recreation club will significantly enhance the employee satisfaction” explains Tom Tang, Vice President of Xiamen Office.