The New Jabra Solemate™ Mini Speaker is the Ultimate Travel Buddy

Solemate MiniSay hello to our little wireless friend: the ultra-portable version of our popular Jabra Solemate. With its compact size and surprisingly big sound, the new Jabra Solemate Mini is the perfect travel companion that lets you take your music to places you’d never have thought possible before.

So how do we manage to get such big sound from such an ultra-portable sized unit? The secret lies in two powerful, front-facing speakers in an acoustically-designed enclosure for that optimal performance with super bass response - which was no mean feat considering the Solemate Mini is actually smaller than a soft drink can.

As you’ll be taking this little sneaker-style speaker with you everywhere, we’ve made sure it’s as hassle-free as possible with some handy features to boot, for example:

  • Durable enough to handle the scrapes and bumps of regular use with all round rubber protection and resistance to sweat, dust and splashes
  • Long playback time with a battery life of up to 8 hours
  • Easy pairing using Bluetooth or NFC and wirelessly controlled from across the room
  • Integrated cable in the sole of the speaker so you have the choice to connect wirelessly or wired
  • Exciting range of bold primary colors – choose between vibrant Solemate red, yellow and blue or classic black to suit your inpidual style¹. And the good news is that the Jabra Solemate original will also be available in these colors shortly

The Jabra Solemate Mini really is the epitome of power packed portability and the perfect scene setter for making your adventures extra special…and because we’re focused on building a portfolio of speakers, it doesn’t stop here. So stay tuned for more exciting news.

Jabra Solemate will soon be launching globally at $99.00. For more product information and availability, please visit

¹ Available in different colors (some colors may be unavailable in your country).