Easy and intuitive handset for Unified Communications
With the Jabra Dial 550 you can quickly take advantage of the collaboration capabilities that Unified Communications and softphone platforms provide. It delivers standard handset features, familiar functionality and comes with a handy flip stand that keeps your handset nearby and protects it when you are on the go. You can even hear incoming calls when your computer is locked or muted.
2012.03.22 Jabra01 2107
Turns any call into a conference call
Access and join conference calls whenever you want and wherever you are. Use the Jabra Dial 550 handset as a quality speakerphone with just the touch of a button. It’s lightweight and easy to handle with dedicated keys.
Seamless integration with all leading Unified Communications systems
Easy USB plug-and-play connection integrates with all leading Unified Communications systems.
2012.03.27 Jabra 7461
2012.03.22 Jabra01 1924
True HD Voice/wideband audio performance
The Jabra Dial 550’s HD Voice/wideband audio and omni-directional microphone deliver life-like audio quality for low noise environments.
Product Variant Connectivity
Jabra DIAL™ 550

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