The USB Duo headset is specifically intended for Call Center environments

Designed for Unified Communications environments, this headset prioritizes comfort and comes with two types of ear cushions, so employees can select the fit that works best for them. It is a flexible option that can be used with your desktop and softphones. The sturdy design ensures that the headset can hold up in the busiest of environments.

  • Ideal for UC Call Center environments
  • Durable design meant for daily usage
  • It magnifies the sounds coming into the microphone so that your employees' voice carries with maximum clarity. Its durable design makes it ideal for daily use and makes it a cost-effective option.

Jabra GN2000 USB Duo is part of the Jabra GN2000 Series. Read more about the Jabra GN2000 Series here


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Jabra GN2000 is a trademark owned by GN Netcom A/S