The perfect headset for blended office environments

Whether your office uses VoIP, the Jabra GN2000 Series enables your employees to enjoy the freedom of hands-free phone calls. 

  • Comfortable headsets mean happy employees
  • Create a more professional office and Contact Center environment
  • Use headsets that work with your existing systems, seamlessly – thus increasing user adoption and satisfaction
A durable choice

Headsets that break often create more work for your IT department, more equipment costs for you and dissatisfaction for the end-users, your employees. The GN2000 series is made out of a sturdy rubber-plastic composite. It has an impact-resistant headband and reinforced strain relief, which basically means that it’s built to withstand all the punishment a busy call center can dish out.

A flexible choice

The Jabra GN2000 Series can be used with desk phones, mobile and softphones. The UC bundle, which includes an IP headset and a Jabra LINK 280 adapter, enables users to answer their softphones and take mobile phone calls with the same headset. Whichever phone they use, your employees will have the full range of call control features, allowing them to answer and end calls, adjust the volume and mute the microphone, all from the headset.

Product Variant Microphone Type Usage Wearing Style
Jabra GN2000 Duo Noise Canceling IP

Noise Canceling Dect phone Headband More
Jabra GN2000 USB Duo Microsoft

Noise Canceling Dect phone Headband More

Noise Canceling Soft phone Headband More
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