A UC headset for a highly-mobile workforce

The Jabra UC Voice 250 is a corded, portable headset specifically intended for offices with Unified Communications deployments. It’s an ideal solution for offices of all sizes, where employees spend a moderate amount of time on the phone. The headset works seamlessly with all major UC providers. It’s a plug-and-play solution, meaning it integrates with your existing systems without time-consuming installations.

2012.03.28 Jabra 8006
  • Optimized and certified for use with all major Unified Communications systems
  • Well-suited for a highly mobile workforce with its lightweight, transportable design
  • Improve employee satisfaction with an ergonomically-friendly, behind-the-ear design
Jabra UC VOICE 250 close up of controlsQuick user adoption

The headset’s straightforward design benefits end-users as well. The call control functions are conveniently placed on the headset cord and are simple and intuitive to use. The portable design means employees can easily transfer the headset from one workstation to another, or carry it with them if they work in multiple locations. The comfortable, behind-the-ear fit also ensures that employees can wear the headset for extended periods of time and still be comfortable.

A versatile option

The Jabra UC Voice 250 offers excellent sound clarity for teleconference and softphone calls, as well as for use with multimedia presentations and e-learning modules. Its discreet design works well with video conferencing, as it gives a more professional appearance.

Product Variant Microphone Type Sound Wearing Style Certifications

Jabra UC VOICE 250
Noise Canceling Mono
  • Behind-the-ear wearing style
  • In the ear devices are worn in the ear
  • Certified by Cisco
  • Certified by Avaya

Jabra UC VOICE 250
Noise Canceling Mono
  • In the ear devices are worn in the ear
  • Behind-the-ear wearing style
Microsoft More
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