A headset for today’s office environmentWith Jabra GN9125, your employees are not tied to their desks. They can pick up copies from the printer, grab a cup of coffee or stretch their legs, all while talking on the phone. In phone-intensive environments this mobility creates a healthier office environment, since your employees can vary their working posture. It also increases employee satisfaction, as they don’t feel chained to their desks. And it enables multi-tasking, where employees can combine conference calls with other activities.

jabra gn2000 lifestyle

  • Give your employees the freedom of wireless
  • Ensure a secure environment with the multi-layered security system
  • Improve working conditions by providing a comfortable, ergonomic option for your employees
  • Support for Electronic Hook Switch (EHS)

Jabra GN9120Conference calls made easy

Lack of meeting space seems to be a growing challenge in every industry. Jabra GN9125 includes a four-way conference call feature that allows users to hold fully mobile, secure conference calls without compromising call quality.

A comfortable option

As with many of our headsets, the GN9125 comes with a choice of three different microphones, each designed to suit a different audio environment. Whether your office is noisy or quiet, your employees will experience clear, high quality calls.

Product Variant Microphone Type Talk Time Usage
Jabra GN9125 Flex NC with GN1000 Remote Handset Lifter

Noise Canceling Up to 12 hours Desk phone More
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