Remote mass deployment and device management Jabra Xpress is an industry-first, web-based solution. It lets you deploy software, firmware and settings for USB audio devices 100% remotely.

Manual deployment of headsets as part of UC roll-outs can be time-consuming. Jabra Xpress offers a fast and cost-effective alternative, reducing the time needed for configuration of e.g. 250 headsets from two working days to one hour*.
 Jabra Xpress also provides IT management with powerful features to ensure software consistency and keep audio devices up-to-date.

Developed for companies, which already use PC-based telephony or are planning a transition to UC, Jabra Xpress helps with four important IT management tasks:

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Easy and time-saving Jabra Xpress includes tools for easy customization of Jabra device MSI packages, with software and headset configurations for remote deployment – all via standard deployment systems.
Asset management The new software adds an extension (Jabra device WMI provider) to the company’s existing asset management tools, providing an overview of the complete portfolio of Jabra USB devices installed in the IT network.
Fast updates The new generation of future-proof Jabra headsets are 100% software-based. Whenever headset firmware updates are available, IT management can schedule deployment of new features and enhancements to all users in less than an hour – a task that would normally take days.
Change of settings New settings can be deployed remotely to specific groups of users, ensuring that all headsets are updated and aligned with corporate policies.
2012.03.22 Jabra02 2550Quote from a Jabra Xpress user
Previously, when a user would call to say that their headset was making this ‘beep beep’ sound, we knew right away that there was something wrong with the firmware, and we’d have to upgrade it manually.

Now we upgrade all our headsets before the users ever experience any problems. It saves us time and we avoid all those trivial little jobs while also keeping our users happy and efficient” 

- Michael Nielsen, IT support, the Danish Chamber of Commerce
ReferencesPartnering with Jabra and offering Jabra Xpress is a great tool to differentiate your business from your competitors. Learn about what benefit the Swiss partner Suprag has gained from the collaboration in this story.

Dansk Erhverv, Denmark The Danish Chamber of Commerce has realized significant time savings by using Jabra Xpress to consistently deploy new firmware based settings and updates on all of their 230 employees’ headsets, at the same time, on a consistent basis, at the click of a button.

Loyens & Loeff
Loyens & Loeff, Netherlands
Global law firm deployed Microsoft Lync and switched to Jabra headsets. To facilitate the remote rollout of software, firmware and settings, Jabra Xpress was used.

Suprag AG
Suprag, Switzerland Partnering with Jabra and offering Jabra Xpress is a great tool for Partners to differentiate their business from the competitors
Works with all leading IT deployment tools Jabra Xpress is based on standard Microsoft technology (MSI / WMI). MSI packages created in Jabra Xpress can be deployed via any deployment tool that supports the Microsoft MSI and WMI standard, e.g. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager, Dell KACE, BigFix, Wise Installer for Windows, Flexera or Symantec Altiris.

Compatible with all Jabra professional USB audio devicesJabra PRO™ 9400 Series, Jabra PRO™ 930, Jabra GO™ 6470 & Jabra GO™ 6430/LINK 350 Dongle*, Jabra Supreme & Motion UC/LINK 360 Dongle*, Jabra GN2000 USB, Jabra BIZ™ 2400 Series**, Jabra UC Voice™ 150, 250, 550, 750, Jabra SPEAK 410 & 510 (speakerphone), Jabra LINK 850, Jabra LINK 220**, 220A & 280** QD to USB Adaptor, and new USB products to come.

*USB dongle only
**JabraXpress do not support firmware upgrades for Jabra BIZ2400 USB Duo/LINK220/LINK280 with firmware version below ver. 1.30.2.

FAQ & How-to

Facts and how-to about Jabra Xpress:

  • Why does the Jabra device updater not start-up on the end user’s PC after I have deployed the Jabra MSI package?

  • If the Jabra device updater is interrupted will my Jabra device be recovered?

  • Can I firmware update my devices without selecting any PC components?

  • I have defined my policies and deployed an MSI package. Will the policies be maintained forever?

  • Can the Jabra device updater run on an end-user PC without any end-user interaction?

  • Can one MSI package manage firmware and settings for several Jabra devices?

  • Does Jabra Xpress require the end user to be logged in before an update can start?

  • Can a device update start without the need for an end user’s confirmation?

  • How do I enforce a minimum device firmware version for all devices in my organisation?

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