Jabra Sound features
Some Jabra music products come with a free Jabra Sound smartphone application made for Apple and Android smartphones. It gives you improved sound experience while listening to your favorite music on Jabra products. 
By installing the Jabra Sound application on your Android device, iPhone or iPad, you get:
  • Improved sound experience with tailored acoustic tuning of music playback
  • Optimized Dolby sound experience with Virtual surround sound, Bass enhancement and High frequency enhancement 
  • Graphical Equalizer, with predefined settings and the possibility to make and save user settings 
  • Jabra headset selector, select which headset you use, and get you music optimized for that headset 
  • Easy creation and management of playlists
  • Ability to share what you are listening to right now on your favorite social media

Download App for iPhoneVisit the Apple App Store for direct download
Download App for Android Phones Go to Google Play for direct download 

FAQ & How-to

Facts and how-to about the Jabra Sound App:

  • What is Jabra Sound?

  • How do I get Jabra Sound?

  • How do I get my music into Jabra Sound?

  • Does Jabra Sound support my streaming music service?

  • What Dolby® Digital Plus technology does Jabra Sound support?

  • How do I enable Dolby® Digital Plus on Jabra Sound?

  • How do I select alternative Dolby Equalizer settings?

Social Media Sharing
  • How do I share what I am currently listening to?

  • How do I create a playlist?

  • How do I edit a playlist?

  • How do I add a song to a playlist?

General Features
  • How do I select which Jabra headset I am using?