Jabra Sport Bass

The world’s first subwoofer knee pads with true immersive sound experience you can feel.

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Jabra Sport Bass, the world’s first subwoofer knee pads, introduces a new sound experience for fitness fanatics and music lovers alike. Strapped comfortably to the leg and positioned in close proximity to a highly concentrated area of mechanoreceptors*, Jabra Sport Bass allows you to feel low-pitched audio frequencies, known as bass. What’s more the gentle vibrations, set by the tempo of your favourite track, aids in subtle muscle growth and calorie loss.

Offering a fully immersive sound experience, the bass travels through the body – starting from impact, at the knee and helps enhance any type of music. Users can feel the bass in sync with the music as well as hear it.

* The body's sense receptors which measure and process pressure and vibration

Features at a glance

Headphone integration

Seamlessly integrates with headphones from the Jabra Sport range

Headphone integration

Fully immersive sound experience which enhances the music experience through bass

Headphone integration

Wireless, one-button setup (connectivity in seconds) – using Bluetooth 4.0

Headphone integration

Up to eight hours of battery life

Headphone integration

15-meter-long wireless range when used with other Jabra headphones

Headphone integration

Comfortable and Lightweight 292 grams

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