In spite of BDO Denmark’s long history, the expanding accounting and consulting company has stayed up-to-date – also on the IT- and tele front. Among other things, a Unified Communications solution and professional headsets from Jabra help to increase efficiency and improve work environment.
“We have been screening the market for a long time to evaluate what solution would best suit BDO.”

- Lissy Wedel Olesen, BDO

When you are an expansive company like BDO, with around 1100 employees and a growing number of locations spread all over the country, it makes sense to look at how the IT and telephone systems can work better together. At BDO, this is a task that Lissy Wedel Olesen and her colleagues in the IT and tele-department handle every day.

”We always have focus on ensuring that our IT and tele-systems function in the best way possible in relation to everything from employee needs and comfort, their workrelated performance, to the company’s bottom line”, says Lissy Wedel Olesen, employed with BDO for the last 12 years.

“A headset enables you to move around freely after files and papers, use the keyboard to search on your PC, and many other things that are otherwise impossible to do if one hand is chained to the telephone receiver.”

- Lissy Wedel Olesen, BDO

On the tele-front, one of the focus areas has been to offer employees professional headsets. In the beginning, the receptionists used them. Today headsets are common tools that have also found their way to the many accountants and consultants in the company. As Lissy explains: “It is always convenient to have both hands free when servicing a customer with information or advice. A headset enables you to move around freely after files and papers, use the keyboard to search on your PC, and many other things that are otherwise impossible to do if one hand is chained to a telephone receiver.”

Unified Communication s comes knocking

BDO is moving in the direction of Unified Communications. Specifically, BDO is about to implement Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-telephony in specific departments of the company. With SIP telephony, BDO has the possibility to integrate communication forms other than speaking, such as instant messaging and video conferencing.

”Communication has become a tool and a discipline that can take place on many platforms. The telephone is just one possibility. Therefore, we have been screening the market for a long time to evaluate what solution would best suit BDO. We cannot ignore the fact that Unified Communications is the future, precisely because communication between employees and customers takes place on several platforms, says Lissy, and emphasizes: “However, telephony will continue to be one of our most important communication forms as our many consultants are speaking with customers. Therefore, it is crucial that a Unified Communications solution also includes professional headsets that deliver the best sound and have the best overall quality. A good headset completes every Unified Communications solution.”

In a company like BDO, with many departments and many on the way, it has been decided not to commit 100 percent to a Unified Communications solution all at once. However, BDO is well on its way and Lissy Wedel Olesen expects that the company will have everything implemented by the end of 2011.

Focus on the work environment

Over the last few years, there has been increasing focus on improving the office work environment, also at BDO. In this connection, the company’s headsets play a role.

“Fortunately, there is more focus on the office work environment. A good work environment consists of many things, including noise reduction and optimal ergonomics. A professional headset can help ensure that noise is reduced and ergonomics improved because you are no longer tied to your desk while talking on the phone,” says Lissy Wedel Olesen.

Jabra, via the distributor NW Gruppen, who has been supplying BDO with headsets for the past several years, has researched and developed headset solutions that ensure an optimal office work environment – including reducing noise levels, which is often a big problem in open office landscapes. Experience shows that professional headsets, which are able to drown out external noise, increase productivity and satisfaction among employees in open office environments. BDO has also experienced this.

Headsets in a completely new way

A headset is no longer just a headset. At BDO, most of the employees are using Jabra GN9350 and Jabra PRO™ 9400. Both models offer all the benefits of hands-free mobility in an ergonomic and future-proof, lightweight design.

Jabra PRO 9400 is compatible with solutions utilizing Unified Communications from leading suppliers such as Microsoft® and Cisco. It requires minimal setup no matter which unit it is connected to. If Unified Communications is not yet implemented, the headset can be used for both normal and VoIP telephony systems. In addition, the Jabra PRO 9400 reflects the focus on professional telephone users’ demands for userfriendliness, innovative technology, and smart design.

Jabra GN9350e is part of the Jabra GN9300e Series, which utilizes new digital technology within digital signal processing (DSP). This means an improved sound quality and ensures a safe, stable sound level. The Jabra GN9300e Series has a smart microphone arm with noise-reducing microphone and improved wind noise reduction so the user’s voice always transmits clearly.

The new headset is equipped with an advanced LCD-display on the base unit so the user can set up user-defined calling parameters such as volume level and output.

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BDO Certified Public Accountancy Company and BDO Municipalities Audit, authorized accountancy company, both Danish owned accountancy and consultancy businesses, are members of BDO International Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, and forms part of the international BDO network consisting of independent member firms. BDO is the brand for the BDO network and each of the BDO member firms. In Denmark, BDO employs more than 1100 employees while the worldwide BDO network has over 46000 employees in 115 countries.


Products: Jabra PRO™ 9400, Jabra GN9350e

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