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The Danish Chamber of Commerce advises more than 17,000 Danish companies on legal matters, HR, management, internationalization and many other areas crucial for the effective running of a business. Among its members are executives within the service and consultancy sectors, who have made the strategic choice and the bottom-line oriented decision to become a member of the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Much of the advice provided by the Danish Chamber of Commerce is given over the phone, which is why the telephone is such a crucial piece of equipment for productivity. The approx. 230 employees of the Danish Chamber of Commerce use a Microsoft Lync solution with headsets from Jabra. The solution has enabled both employees and the IT department to work more efficiently, for the benefit of the companies who are members of the Chamber.

As with most companies, the staff of the Danish Chamber of Commerce isn’t particularly interested in which telephone system they use: The phone just needs to work. So it’s a sign of success for Michael Nielsen, who provides IT support for the Danish Chamber of Commerce, when he doesn’t receive daily calls from his colleagues. It didn’t start out that way, however:

When the Danish Chamber of Commerce rolled out Lync (at that time called OCS), they opted for cheap headsets. Despite a successful migration to Lync, there was great dissatisfaction with the headsets among employees. Wearing comfort was bad, the sound quality was disappointing, and staff didn’t feel that they were any more productive. Thus in spring 2011, they decided to test out higher quality headsets.

“The Jabra headsets have given us satisfied users, who can focus on their work with the member companies. That’s the most important thing.”

- Michael Nielsen, IT support, the Danish Chamber of Commerce

“The quality of the cheap headsets we bought first was simply too poor. A good day for the IT department is one where we’re not contacted by the users, because that means that everything is functioning as it should. We had far too few good days back then. We were forced, then, to find some really high-quality headsets, because the support was costing us tremendously in resources. After extensive testing, it was clear that the headsets from Jabra provided the best sound quality, were the most comfortable, and had the best design,” says Michael Nielsen.

After the Danish Chamber of Commerce had chosen Jabra, a continuing dialog between the Chamber and Jabra became crucial in meeting users’ needs. After a complete review of user scenarios, the Danish Chamber of Commerce chose the headsets from the Jabra PRO 9400 series together with the two speakerphones, Jabra SPEAK 410 and Jabra SPEAK 510.


The new quality headsets was an instant hit with the users, as staff could now focus on providing advice rather than spending time upgrading firmware on their headsets: That’s the job of the IT department. The six members of the IT department did not wish however to upgrade firmware for every single user each time new firmware came out, and this made a strong argument for the IT department in favor of Jabra Xpress. With Jabra Xpress, the IT department can upgrade all 200 headsets and speakerphones at the same time by sending the firmware to the users’ PCs. When the user switches on the computer, the firmware on both headset and speakerphone is upgraded automatically without the need to do anything.

“Previously, when a user would call to say that their headset was making this ‘beep beep’ sound, we knew right away that there was something wrong with the firmware, and we’d have to upgrade it manually. Now we upgrade all our headsets before the users ever experience any problems. It saves us time and we avoid all those trivial little jobs while also keeping our users happy and efficient,” says Michael Nielsen, adding:

“Everything went perfectly, right from the start. If we wanted, we could actually get an overview via Microsoft System Center 2012 of what firmware and which headsets and speakerphones we have out in the organization. It’s just not been necessary as of yet. The upgrades have gone so smoothly.”


Around 90 percent of employees use wireless headsets. This enables them to take notes or look up legislation while advising. Should an employee need to take their PC home with them, they can also borrow a wired headset such as the Jabra GN2000 or the Jabra BIZ 2400, so they can take calls from home with just the same benefits. The IT department has thus ensured optimum user productivity anywhere and at any time, to the benefit of the members.

“The Jabra headsets have given us satisfied users, who can focus on their work with the member companies. That’s the most important thing. We also get a lot of good information from Jabra’s headset experts, which is a welcomed bonus, as it allows us to keep up with the latest solutions and possibilities. It means that we aren’t just keeping our employees productive today, but also in the future, thus ensuring a high level of satisfaction from the member companies,” concludes Michael Nielsen.

Dansk Erhverv/ The Danish Chamber of Commerce



Business organization and advice

The Danish Chamber of Commerce is the network for the service industry in Denmark. The Chamber represents 17,000 Danish companies and 100 trade organizations within trade, tourism, business services, IT, welfare services and transportation.


The Danish Chamber of Commerce has around 230 employees, a large number of who are in daily contact with Chamber members seeking advice. In order for these employees to provide the fastest and most precise advice possible, they need to be able to use both hands while speaking on the phone: In addition, sound quality and comfort are essential. The IT department needs to be able to manage headsets and upgrade firmware centrally.


Microsoft Lync 2013

Jabra SPEAK™ 410, Jabra SPEAK 510, Jabra PRO™ 9400-series and Jabra Xpress

  • The best sound quality and headset comfort
  • Satisfied and thus more productive employees who are able to provide the best service to members
  • The IT department saves on resources by upgrading the firmware on all headsets via Jabra Xpress instead of upgrading manually
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