Deloitte France, part of one of the world’s leading accounting and consulting firms, uses Jabra headsets in their Unified Communications (UC) strategy, which is based upon Microsoft solutions.
An urgent need for UC services

Deloitte France has introduced a search, evaluation and validation program with a UC solution, due to their employees’ increasing need for communication and collaboration at the clients’ place of work. This solution is offered through a Microsoft Office Communication Server, which integrates many functions and functionalities, eg the indication of presence, instant messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, as well as IP telephony.

The first validation tests of this Microsoft Office Communication solution were carried out with low quality unbranded micro headsets, which did result in some frustration both with regard to the sound quality and to the available functions: no automatic off-hook/on-hook function, no automatic recognition function.

Selecting Jabra BIZ™ 620

To get the full value out of the Microsoft Office Communication solution, the decision was made to go with a high quality headset. Before the decision was made which brand and model, a large number of criteria had to be met. The headset had to be ergonomically correct, the sound quality had to be high, the headset had to be lightweight, but also and especially easy transportable so that employees working off the premises or on-site at the client’s, could benefit from the same communication and collaboration services as in-house.

And the benefits of the high quality headsets are two-fold: IP-telephony due to Microsoft Office Communicator, but also the ability to listen to voice mails or to E-learning programs.

“The collaboration between our team and Jabra’s team was excellent and very efficient.”

- Marco Scavongelli, Responsable Telecom, Deloitte France

“Jabra responded positively to all our demands and requirements. They came up with their headset Jabra BIZ™ 620 USB solution. They developed a tailor-made program, so that we could use the headset as an audio output directly from the PC. This was a function which had not previously been planned and was intended for the range of optimized headsets for Microsoft Office Communicator”, says Marco Scavongelli, Responsible Telecom, Deloitte France and concludes:

“We appreciate the fact that Jabra listened to us and responded as they did, and they understood how to incorporate all the functions we required into the headset software. The collaboration between our team and Jabra’s team was excellent and very efficient”.

Deloitte France



Accounting & Consulting

Deloitte France offers its services to multinational companies in France and abroad, to public institutions, as well as to tens of thousands of small and medium-sized companies. The head office is located in Paris/Neuilly. There are 9 branch offices around France, together with an external network of accounting officer experts.


Increasing need for communication and collaboration at the client’s place of work. Adverse experiences with low quality unbranded headsets.


Microsoft® Office Communicator

Jabra BIZ™ 620 USB

  • All functions required were incorporated
  • Off-hook/on-hook function
  • Automatic recognition
  • High sound quality
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