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Based in Nacogdoches, TX, Etech Global Services provides an array of contact center services in English and Spanish including inbound and outbound customer service and sales, customer win-back programs, web chat, and email services. Through a stringent quality assurance process, the company records 100 percent of all voice and chat interactions while continuously evaluating its agents to ensure an ever-improving customer experience.
The Challenge

Etech Global had used headsets for several years at its eight contact centers across Texas and West Virginia. In fact, headsets are extremely critical in the Etech Global call center environment because of the large number of agents (more than 2,000) and high call volume. Several years ago, agents at the company’s Dallas contact center started to experience headset issues including not being able to hear customers, headsets unplugging from the phone, and problems with accidentally hitting the mute button.

The Solution
“The Jabra solution provides us with the level of call quality our customers expect and also has significantly freed up our IT department from spending so much time addressing headset challenges”

Ronnie Mize, Senior Vice President for Information Technology

Although Etech Global had used Plantronics for several years, the company wanted to tackle and correct the headset challenges at its Dallas location before they impacted customer service levels. At the same time, the company wanted to move from an old headset and amp setup to a softphone environment.

“We had been using headsets for years, but came to the realization that we needed a more robust offering across all of our contact centers,” said Ronnie Mize, senior vice president for Information Technology. “First, our technical staff was spending far too much time chasing down headset issues and we also needed something more reliable to handle the millions of inbound and outbound calls we handle each day.”

As part of its due diligence, Etech contacted its distributors to “kick the tires” on other headsets to test available solutions and make sure they were getting the performance they needed, Mize said.

“We started testing the Jabra solutions, including in our Dallas contact center,” Mize said. “The voice quality is far superior and the products can definitely withstand a lot of use from our agents.”

Currently nearly 65 percent of the Etech Global agents are using one of the Jabra solutions, including the Jabra BIZ™ 2400 corded headset. The offering features “plug-andplay” installation and offers a wide range of noise cancelling technologies to block out unwanted noise. Another 30 percent of the company’s administrative staff also uses Jabra solutions.

In addition to its superior call quality and durability, Mize was impressed with the ease of deployment adding that the “plug and play” functionality enabled the company to start benefiting from the Jabra solution without a lot of set up time.

“I fought headset problems for years,” Mize said. “The Jabra solution provides us with the level of call quality our customers expect and also has significantly freed up our IT department from spending so much time addressing headset challenges.”

Etech Global Services


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Professional Services

Etech Global Services provides intelligent sales, service and technology solutions specializing in inbound and outbound voice and live chat. Founded in 1998, Etech Global helps companies cost effectively acquire new customers and maximize profits by servicing and growing existing customers. As an expert in delivering lead generation services, Etech Global also provides a sophisticated chat solution that monitors web site visitors, identifies prospects, engages prospects with targeted offers, and converts “hot” prospects into customers.


As a contact center, Etech Global Services needs reliable, durable headsets that can withstand a lot of use. In 2009, the company was having problems with its then headset provider, including inferior call quality and other technical issues that required frequent support from its IT department.


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Jabra BIZ™ 1900 and Jabra BIZ 2400 series

  • ƒƒEnhanced customer service levels
  • Better productivity
  • Increased mobility
  • Less technical support and demands on internal IT team
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