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Since 1995, the staff of HUK-COBURG Insurance Group has employed headsets from Jabra for all telecommunications needs. Call center staff is ensured ergonomic and efficient working conditions with free hands and, above all, professional customer service. 13,000,000 calls a year are handled on 6,000 headsets.
“With Jabra, we have always been able to find an appropriate headset for a given function.”

- Rudi Krauss, Corporate Management Division, HUK-COBURG

Insurance clients expect the representative on the other end of the line to take the time to deal with their concerns. “Injury cases are often difficult, demanding discretion and meticulous handling,” explains Rudi Krauss from the corporate management division of HUK-COBURG. Consequently in sensitive matters regarding injury, accident, life or medical insurance, a professional approach is crucial, allowing the caller to feel safe and trust us,” he emphasizes.

HUK-COBURG satisfies these needs by providing service with an audible difference: the customer service agent uses a telephone headset. And the demands on the headsets are strict: they must optimize the work process, support the professional requirements of higher service quality; be suited to the needs of the individual user and be adaptable to varying use scenarios within the company.

HUK-COBURG employs a modular, decentralized Ericsson MD110 telecommunications system, which supports voice, data and multimedia and is equipped with digital terminals. Call routing is handled by a Genesys contact center platform. Incoming calls are sorted by region. Alternatively, the software can transfer a call to an available agent at another contact center. Because calls are distributed evenly, response time is much faster. 200,000 calls are received every day, adding up to 13,000,00 calls annually. HUK-COBURG chose Jabra. “the deciding factor was the outstanding technology of the headsets”, Krauss recalls. “Noise-cancelling microphones reproduce speech clearly without typical background noise such as the clicking of a keyboard, flipping through the pages of documents or jumbled voices.”

The headsets also contribute to more ergonomic and efficient working conditions: “Headsets allow our staff to be on the phone and work at the computer at the same time, because their hands remain free,” Krauss explains

MOre MObilitY – less stress

Mobility is crucial for hotline agents, staff functions and corporate management. they employ the wireless JabraGN9120 with an effective range of up to 150m/ 450ft. the freedom to stand and walk around during complicated calls reduces and relieves tension in the body,” Krauss explains, adding, “and you can hear a relaxed employee” For complicated cases, it is even possible to connect up to 4 colleagues via headsets for a conference call or a running dialog. 

Customer agents with particularly taxing calls employ the dual speaker Jabra GN8120. With the caller in both ears, it is possible to converse at a lower volume. At the same time, the noise level from colleagues is lowered, as there is no longer any need to try and out-shout each other and thereby unwittingly turn up the noise level.

three-iN-ONe fleXibilitY

For business operations, the ergonomically correct form of the Jabra GN2100 headset convinced the decision-makers at HUK-COBURG. the three-in-one FlexFit design that allows the user to choose between three interchangeable wearing styles (headband, neckband and earhook) was the deciding factor: “our staff frequently takes advantage of the option to freely adjust their headsets,” Krauss observes.

The noise-cancelling microphones of the Jabra GN2100 headset prevent disruptive background noise or confidential information from other calls from being transmitted. The high reception quality of the headsets improves the acoustics of the call center, because the agent can hear the caller perfectly.

Because agents wear the dual-speaker version of the Jabra GN2100, HUK-COBURG eliminates a source of noise. The insurer counters noisy environments with the Jabra GN8210 Amplifier which monitors the incoming signal, recognizes unwanted noise and filters it out with digital signal processing.

iNdividuAl GuidANCe ANd reliAble serviCe

Rudi Krauss of HUK-COBURG values the individual guidance and reliable service of the local Jabra sales office: “Jabra offers exceptional service and straightforward handling. Their capable sales and technical staff provided able support even with the challenges of headsets for the hearing-impaired,” he acknowledges. With the Jabra GN2100 telecoil, hearing impaired HUK-COBURG employees have found the ideal headset, fitted with a telecoil, it generates sound via electromagnetic induction, directly in the hearing aid. In this area, Jabra draws heavily on the know-how of sister company GN resound, a leading manufacturer of hearing aids.

For more than a decade, HUK-COBURG has been a thoroughly satisfied customer: “In collaboration with Jabra, we have always been able to find an appropriate headset for a given function. In the call center and office environment, our staff handles calls in a more relaxed and healthier atmosphere. And that is a difference that our customers can hear,” Krauss concludes.

“Noise-cancelling microphones reproduce speech clearly without typical background noise such as the clicking of a keyboard, flipping through the pages of documents or jumbled voices.”

- Rudi Krauss, Corporate Management Division, HUK-COBURG




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HUK-COBURG is a German insurance group, headquartered in Coburg. It was founded in 1933 and today, the Group services more than 9 million customers and sales are 5 billion euros (2008). Business areas are concentrated within 5 subsidiaries: property and casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance, building society and service


Ericsson MD110

Products: Jabra GN2100, Jabra GN9120 and Jabra GN8210 Amplifiers 
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