KU Leuven
KU Leuven - based in the town of Leuven, Belgium - is a nearly 600-year old research-intensive, internationally-oriented university that conducts both fundamental and applied research.

The university carries out its academic activities at various campuses, research parks and hospital facilities in cooperation with members of the KU Leuven Association and its hospital partners. A 40,000+ student body is served and the dispersed employee-base consist of more than 10,000 people.

The Challenge

Many of KU Leuven’s 10,000 employees work from different locations depending of their functions within the university. In some cases, employees work remotely from their homes. However, many employees work from satellite campuses and, in some cases, in other countries outside of Belgium.

The university wanted to migrate its employees to a Unified Communications (UC) system to help improve efficiency and productivity and to simplify day-to-day tasks such as scheduling meetings and enabling faculty members to join meetings regardless of their location.

The Solution
“The quality of the Jabra products is one of the success factors of the roll-out of UC in our organization”

Ingrid Martens, Project Manager, Lync

The university selected the Microsoft Lync™ Unified Communications platform which enables users to connect and collaborate in new ways, anytime and anywhere. Microsoft Lync™ also can enhance or replace existing legacy IP PBX systems – which it did at KU Leuven. This can lead to improved productivity, increased mobility, and faster responses for employees.

With the old telephony system, KU Leuven employees didn’t have the opportunity to use a softphone – a program that enables voice over Internet Protocol for calling from other locations other than their desks. Microsoft Lync™ provided this opportunity. At the same time, Microsoft Lync opened up the opportunity to move to a headset environment so university employees could leverage UC technology from anywhere at any time.

The university’s IT department of 200 users adopted the UC technology first, selecting Jabra headsets to work within the UC environment. After the pilot, the university decided to deploy headsets throughout various departments for the more faculty and staff to use.

Jabra was selected because of product durability and compatibility with Microsoft Lync™. In addition, Jabra products feature “plug-and-play” installation and offer a wide range of noise cancelling technologies to block out unwanted noise. The ergonomic headsets also provide users with “hands-free” capabilities which eliminate the need to juggle with a traditional handset.

KU Leuven developed comprehensive training and launch materials, including a user manual and postcard, to introduce Lync to new users. This ensured that users understood the features and benefits of the new communication tools and led to a more successful roll-out.

Today, 2760 of the university’s Microsoft Lync™ users now have a Jabra headset. Before the UC deployment, there were only a few headset users.

Users include a variety of roles within the university, including professors and administrative staff. In the coming months, the university will evidently provide headsets to more employees.

KU Leuven




Founded in 1425, KU Leuven is an autonomous university founded in the Catholic tradition. From its Christian view of the world and the human, KU Leuven strives to be a place for open discussion of social, philosophical and ethical issues and a critical center of reflection in and for the Catholic community. KU Leuven encourages personal initiative and critical reflection in a culture of idea exchange, cooperation, solidarity and academic freedom.


Although KU Leuven considered its telephony system to be “quite optimal,” the university wanted to leverage technology to enhance communications among the university’s staff which works across multiple buildings and campuses. At the same time, the university wanted to elevate call quality during service calls, especially for employees who work in open spaces and need to block out background noise when talking on their phones.


Microsoft® Lync™

Jabra BIZ™ 2400 duo MS, Jabra UC Voice™ 150 MS, Jabra SPEAK™ 410 MS and Jabra PRO™ 930 MS

  • Improved inter-office communicationsr
  • Enhanced customer service levels
  • Better productivity
  • Increased mobility
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