Quality, lightness and immediate support
Call Center staff and customers are highly satisfied. After a smooth test process Neckermann - one of Europe’s leading corporations conducting internet-based sales - preferred award winning Jabra GN2100 Duo and Jabra GN8110 US B Adapter for their Call Center in Turkey. The most important selection criteria’s were quality and lightness besides the fact, that products are immediately replaced.


“Quality is important for us and we render this quality in the best and fastest manner from Jabra technical service.”

- Neckermann Turkey Call Center Representative

Neckermann, one of the leading European corporations conducting internet-based sales, has chosen Jabra GN2100 Duo and Jabra GN8110 USB Adapter as the preferred solution for their – since 2004 based Call Center in Turkey. A major factor for Neckermann’s preference of the Jabra products has been quality and lightness besides the fact that the products are immediately replaced with a new one in case of any malfunctioning of the products. A major issue in preventing costly work loss.

Before deciding on the Jabra solution - the Neckermann Turkey Call Center carried out a general research – going through a smooth test process using sample headsets.

The Neckermann Call Center officials noted instantly, that customer representatives responded very positively to the Jabra products and the clients were satisfied with the sound quality throughout this process. Based on these results, Neckermann decided to cooperate with Jabra and among the major suite of products - Neckermann decided to utilize the Jabra GN2100 Duo headsets and Jabra GN8110 USB adapts fulfilling its needs.

In the Neckermann Turkey Call Center, where 374 customer representatives work, 386 Jabra headsets are actively used. Neckermann customer representatives conduct their calls utilizing Jabra GN2100 Duo headsets. During VOIP calls, they use Jabra GN8110 USB adapters which enable smooth audible interviews that are not dependent on the sound card of the PC. Neckermann trainers also use Jabra headset during long telephone calls and telephone tapping situations that get recorded.

A long lasting cooperation with Jabra

The customer representatives have started to enjoy freer and easier calls in the call center after Neckermann embarked upon cooperation with Jabra. Customer representatives of Neckermann, who can now conduct interviews with customers with a clear sound, are completely satisfied with the quality and lightness of Jabra headsets. The customers receive much more quality sound on the telephone as well. Neckermann officials stated: “Quality was important for us and we render this quality in the best and fastest manner from Jabra technical service”. Neckermann officials also stated that they were quite satisfied with the after-sales support which was fast and smooth. Aiming at growing bigger and establishing a state-of-the-art technology call center in the following years, Neckermann intends to become one of the leading call centers in Turkey soon. The corporation, who plans on increasing the number of agents up to 600 in a couple of years, intends to keep its cooperation with Jabra for many years.



4831 employees (Group) / 374 (Call Center) employees

Germany and Turkey

Retail Sales

PROFILE is one of the top 10000 web sites in the world. The corporation - founded in 1950 and headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany - has been considered “a miracle of economy” within the country. The Call Center - employing 374 customer representatives - is located in Turkey.


Jabra GN2100 Duo, Jabra GN8100 USB

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