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The South Wales based not-for-profit housing organization, Newport City Homes (NCH) was an early adopter of a Unified Communications solution from Microsoft®. In order to receive the full benefits of this implementation, NCH decided to implement Jabra UC-optimized headsets across its teams.
“We looked at other headset suppliers, but none offered such a comprehensive customer profiling service which meant that every employee had a solution that suited their needs. The Jabra headsets also offer a lot more functionality than competitor products.”

- Darren Lloyd, Information Services Manager, Newport City Homes

As a registered social landlord, Newport City Homes provides housing to those in need in Newport, working with the public through its Neighbourhood Offices and the Resident Service Centre.

Its team includes neighbourhood housing officers and administrative teams, who work directly with those with housing needs both in the office and in their community, plus call-centre based Resident Service Advisors who provide a front-line service for NCH, handling incoming telephone enquiries.


NCH was an early adopter of Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, dispensing with the traditional form of PBX telephony in favour of a Unified Communications (UC)solution, to enhance productivity and facilitate a collaborative working environment. In order to fully maximize the benefits of its UC implementation, NCH wanted to introduce optimized UC headsets across its teams, as Darren Lloyd, Information Services Manager at NCH, explains:

“Our Neighbourhood Officers and Residential Service Advisors frequently use the telephone to carry out their work, with the vast majority needing to multitask on calls most or all of the time. We knew that headsets would aid productivity, but we also wanted to ensure we used UC-optimized headsets so we received the full benefits of our communications investment.”

NCH took part in the Jabra Jump programme, a scheme that determines the optimal Jabra audio device for a given work role. A combination of wireless and corded UC-optimized headsets was selected, ensuring the needs of every employee were met.

Three headsets were deployed in July 2010:
- Jabra Biz™ 620 USB – a corded, mono-ear headset with a noise cancelling microphone and wideband sound
- Jabra Biz™ 2400 USB – a corded dual-ear headset with Bluetooth® compatibility, wideband sound and programmable dial based buttons for easy call answer/termination
- Jabra GN9330e USB – a wireless, mono-ear headset incorporating Digital Signal Processing for clear, crisp, wideband sound

Darren Lloyd comments: “We looked at other headset suppliers, but none offered such a comprehensive customer profiling service which meant that every employee had a solution that suited their needs. The Jabra headsets also offer a lot more functionality than competitor products.”


The benefits of the new Jabra headsets were immediate, with some NCH employees saving as much as six minutes per call by using a UC-optimized headset, resulting in up to two hours of time freed up in a typical day*.

Darren Lloyd comments: “The new wireless Jabra headsets have significantly increased our team’s ability to multitask while on calls, which has improved productivity and first call resolution. Some employees have cut call times by as much as half when compared to using a handset as they can now access information or a colleague without disrupting a call.” Using the wireless Jabra GN9330e headsets, the New Homes team are also benefiting from having the freedom to move when on calls. Agents can walk around the office and access files while speaking to customers, without placing them on hold or having to call them back. The wireless headsets also allow the Neighbourhood Offices team to leave their desks to speak with colleagues, without the risk of missing calls.

“By adding UC-optimized headsets to our UC deployment our employees can instantly speak to colleagues while using applications and accessing information, ensuring issues are resolved quickly and guaranteeing a quality calling experience for the public,” adds Lloyd.

“The Jabra headsets offer noise cancelling, wideband technology as well as hearing protection, ensuring crystal clear, frustration free calls and comfort for our employees who are on the phone for long periods of time.”


In addition to benefiting front-line staff, the deployment of the Jabra headsets has also positively impacted the Information Services team.

The plug and play capabilities of the Jabra headsets have dramatically reduced administration and delivered cost savings as implementation is simple and straightforward.

Darren Lloyd explains: “The ability to connect via USB means my team no longer has to spend time configuring endpoints in patch cabinets, thus removing the need to travel between sites. Devices can be sent to users, and they themselves connect the device into their pc/laptop… true plug and play! Furthermore, as all our endpoints are connected via USB, we haven’t needed to purchase POE switches at a cost of £2000 per unit, thus saving 1000’s of pounds per site.”

“Our experience of working with Jabra has been very positive. The UC-optimized headsets are reliable, easy to use and truly plug and play, so deployment was a breeze. The support provided by Jabra is excellent, ensuring we make the most of our UC-optimized headsets and UC implementation, streamlining communication and facilitating collaboration, while guaranteeing call quality,” Darren Lloyd concludes.

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Newport City Homes (NCH) is a not-for-profit housing organization that provides services to over 10,000 residents, leaseholders and shared owners in the City of Newport, South Wales. NCH has two neighbourhood offices and two area offices located in Newport. These provide an opportunity for residents to drop in for advice, talk about issues and meet staff.


NCH wanted to introduce UC-optimized headsets across its teams to fully maximize the benefits of its UC implementation.


Microsoft® Office Communicator


  • Maximized productivity
  • Freedom to move around when on calls
  • Reduced administration and cost savings
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