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In a pilot project, the Swiss Suprag AG implemented the cost-free and web-based remote-massdeployment solution Jabra Xpress for their customers. The customers now profit from cost- and time-saving headset deployment, update and management in UC environments. In this way, Suprag secures competitive advantages and customer loyalty – a win-win situation for everyone involved.


"With Jabra Xpress we clearly stand out against our competition. This really has a positive effect on our customer relations and customer loyalty."

- Daniel Leuenberger, General Sales Director, Suprag AG

For 25 years Suprag AG, the leading Swiss company on the headset market, has exclusively distributed Jabra solutions and provided competent services for resellers and end customers regarding Jabra audio-solutions. Based on this long-standing and excellent partnership Jabra decided to ask Suprag about suitable customers for a pilot project in 2014. The aim was to implement the web-based remotemass- deployment solution Jabra Xpress. With the industry’s first and unique software solution IT managers can now remotely deploy, update and manage software, firmware and settings of USB headsets.


Excellent support provided by Jabra
In order to successfully implement Jabra Xpress for the customers and to immediately make all advantages available to them, the application was first introduced to the Suprag employees and then explained in detail by Jabra technicians: “Jabra prepared us well for the customer presentations. They briefed us on all technical aspects of Jabra Xpress and answered all remaining questions”, Daniel Leuenberger, General Sales Director at Suprag AG summarises. It turned out to be a great benefit that the Suprag employees required only little training time with Jabra Xpress: “Since the application is almost selfexplanatory the training was easy and over in no time”, Daniel Leuenberger continues.” With Jabra Xpress we can clearly offer our clients time and cost savings. In this way, they receive additional value for their UC headset investment”.


The distributor positions the application as cost-free support for IT departments during rollout and subsequent maintenance. Based on clearly defined selection criteria, Suprag first determines the customers for which Jabra Xpress is suitable. The selection process takes into account aspects such as the amount of headset solutions, the Unified Communications platform in the company and the availability of an own central IT department. In direct consultation with their customers, the Suprag employees introduce the industry’s first solution of its kind and explain the benefits of the application. One huge advantage is the clearly reduced configuration effort: With Jabra Xpress IT employees can now configure 250 headsets in one hour instead of the otherwise common two days. Companies can save time, money and resources and in this way increase the ROI of their UC investment. It’s not surprising that Suprag always receives positive feedback: “Our customers really appreciate the extra service. With Jabra Xpress in our portfolio we can offer them additional value”, Daniel Leuenberger says.


Clearly defined selection criteria
Jabra Xpress is now an essential part of the Suprag portfolio.

Not only do the customers of Suprag profit from fast and easy installation and maintenance of their USB headsets in large network environments. Also the Swiss distributor can further refine its profile with Jabra Xpress. The market dynamics Suprag has to face are dominated by aggressive price policies, growing competition and the customers’ demands for more intuitive applications. That’s why it’s all the more important to stand out against competitors – not only regarding the price. Distributors can secure important competitive advantages by offering customised solutions from one source: “Jabra’s pricing strategy is very good. In the end, of course, it’s the customer who decides which product he wants to use”, the General Sales Director explains. “But Jabra solutions play an important part in the decision-making process. They are intuitive, easy to install, and thanks to Jabra Xpress updates and configurations are not a problem.”

Moreover: With Jabra Xpress Suprag sees a clear advantage in terms of provider choice: “A product such as Jabra Xpress may be one amongst many criteria for companies to choose a certain provider – perhaps even the decisive one”, Daniel Leuenberger concludes. “With Jabra Xpress we can clearly differentiate from our competition. It has an extremely positive effect on our customer relations, because it really increases our customers’ satisfaction and in this way secures long-standing customer loyalty”.

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SUPRAG AG is the leading company for headset solutions and well-known throughout Switzerland. It distributes exclusively Jabra products and is also a reliable partner when it comes to professional audio-conference telephony, speech-recording, VoIP/ UC products and complete solutions for phone systems. While focusing on the latest technologies, Suprag AG’s strengths lie in meeting individual needs as well as offering a fair price-performance ratio.

Market dynamics are dominated by aggressive price policies, growing competition and customers' demands for more intuitive applications. Suprag AG has to increasingly face these challenges. In the light of these developments it's all the more important to stand out from the crowd – not only regarding the price.

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Jabra Xpress

  • Additional services create long-term competition advantages
  • Customer satisfaction boosts customer loyalty and leads to positive customer relations
  • Solution selling helps to stand out against competition
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With Jabra Xpress, Jabra facilitates the installation and maintenance of USB headsets in mass installations: software packages for updates can be created and an indefinite number of Jabra USB headsets can be remotely installed, configured, updated, maintained and managed with the application. In this way, the industry’s first webbased remote-mass-deployment solution is suitable for companies which already use PC-based phones or plan on using Unified Communications solutions. In order to ensure software consistency and regular updates, Jabra Xpress integrates extensive IT management functions: IT managers can easily deploy new functions, driver or firmware updates and always keep the headsets up to date. For this purpose, Jabra Xpress creates an overview of the Jabra USB portfolio used in the company and the installed firmware of the devices. Customised settings can be assigned to certain groups of users, which allow them to work in a more productive way. At the same time, Jabra Xpress helps to comply with company regulations such as the Noise Directive or environmental protection regulations.

Jabra Xpress is based on Microsoft Technology (MSI/WMI) and is compatible with the leading installation systems such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, IBM Tivoli and Symantec Altiris and all Jabra UC audio solutions.

Jabra Xpress