UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a global independent safety science company with more than a century of experience innovating safety solutions ranging from the public adoption of electricity to breakthroughs in nanotechnology.


With a far-flung workforce with offices from Argentina to Australia, the company needed to enhance its internal communications system to make it easier for employees to collaborate across offices and ensure a consistent and quality experience for customers – regardless of the office with which they were working. The company also wanted to move from its existing virtual meeting offering.

After researching various systems, the company selected Microsoft Lync®, which incorporates instant messaging, video conferencing, and voice communications, along with Exchange email and other Microsoft Office applications.

To ensure a quick and complete adoption of the new Microsoft Lync technology, UL knew that they needed to provide their employees with headsets that would provide the full benefits of the UC experience, while improving their mobility. Moreover, some of the company’s existing headsets were not Lync compatible and lacked the necessary sound quality that employees expected and needed to work effectively. The team needed headsets with optimal call quality and plug-in-play functionality to make it easier for employees to make the switch.

“Jabra had a huge part in the success of the global Tech Expos and the quick adoption of our new UC environment. The positive feedback from our global staff made me confident that Jabra was the right solution for UL.”

- Monica Kerchinsky, Technology innovation and Adoption manager


Monica Kerchinsky, the company’s Technology innovation and Adoption manager, reviewed and tested various headset solutions. She also provided other UL colleagues with this ability during “Tech Expos” that she set up at various UL offices throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Employees instantly began raving about the call quality and ergonomics of the various Jabra devices.

“Jabra had a huge part in the success of the global Tech Expos and the quick adoption of our new UC environment,” Kerchinsky said. “The positive feedback from our global staff made me confident that Jabra was the right solution for UL.”

UL ended up moving around 60 percent of its 10,000 employee base to the headsets, she added.

In addition to the headset functionality and quality, Jabra’s customer service during the global Tech Expos was outstanding, Kerchinsky said. UL’s Jabra representative, Robert Falbo, ensured that a Jabra representative was onhand during every event and also provided the counsel Kerchinsky needed to ensure a smooth transition and standardized global pricing.

Once the expos were over, UL employees began requesting the Jabra headsets. The company made the headsets available through its self-service portal so division managers and employees could order their devices directly. Today, they have seven different Jabra devices from which to choose. Moreover, UL also provides each new employee with a Jabra device.

Some of the more popular products at UL include the Jabra SPEAK 410, a portable USB speakerphone that works seamlessly with their UC environment as well as the Jabra SPEAK 510, a personal Bluetooth® and USB speakerphone that works with PCs, smartphones and tablets.



More than 40 countries worldwide. HQ in USA

Safety science

UL is a global safety science company dedicated to promoting safe living and working environments. Since 1894, the Illinois-based company has promoted safe living and working environments with an eye towards protecting people, products and places. Today, with more than 10,000 employees in 40 countries, UL continues to focus on the next generation of safety challenges to create working environments across the globe.

After switching to Microsoft Lync, UL needed to find the right headset solution to maximize the unified communications platform and improve the communication experience.

Microsoft Lync™

Jabra GO™ 6470, Jabra SPEAK™ 510 MS, Jabra UC Voice 250 MS, Jabra PRO™ 9450, Jabra Motion, Jabra Supreme UC MS and Jabra SPEAK™ 410 MS

  • Ease of integration and quick UC adoption
  • Better mobility throughout the office and while traveling to different locations
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Consistent employee, customer communications experience
  • Employee satisfaction with comfort, versatility and customer support
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