Uc on demand
by the Jabra vendor services group

"UC On Demand" is an incredibly easy and budget-friendly way to get started with a Unified Communications solution.

The program removes one of the largest deployment obstacles: large upfront capital expenditures - costs are no longer an issue. You get the technology you need today and then pay as you go. All deployment costs - hardware, software, and services - are bundled into a single, affordable monthly payment. You choose the length of the financing and payment frequency. Jabra takes care of the rest.


End-to-end UC solution package. Software, hardware, service fees, consulting fees, and Jabra products are bundled into a subscription-based payment model.

At the end of the subscription, easily refresh and upgrade to the latest technology, keep the solution you have as is, or take a hybrid approach, upgrading certain components while keeping others in place. The program was designed to meet our customers' evolving technology needs.


Get the technology you need today with the budget you have today

  • 1- or 2-year financing
  • Monthly or quarterly payments
  • 0% financing. Your monthly payment is calculated by taking the quote from your authorized reseller and dividing by 12 or 24 (the number of months in the term) There are no additional fees added.


The program is for anyone deploying a Unified Communications or Enterprise Voice solution worth $5,000 or more.


Jabra handles the logistics and financing for the entire opportunity, not just the audio end-points.

What if your needs change?

For example, you get more end-users or require different products? Not a problem, the program is fully scalable: Add on or upgrade the technology under the same initial contract. It takes you one step to jump into the program. Start now:

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