Jabra delivers world-class headset solutions
for healthcare where privacy matters

You may be eligible to evaluate a Jabra headset for your healthcare facility

If you are an influencer or decision maker of audio communications solutions at an healthcare facility, you may be eligible to evaluate a Jabra headset to see which one is right for your organization.

There’s a Jabra solution for everyone. Our products are designed for knowledge workers who need to concentrate and for employees involved in frequent phone communication. We offer corded and wireless headsets and speakerphones to help address many of your communication challenges.

Jabra products deliver:

  • A range of HIPAA compliant products
  • 64-bit DECT encryption for security on wireless devices
  • DECT and Bluetooth® technology that doesn’t interfere with medical equipment
  • Optimized for UC and Skype for Business
  • Lifetime technical support

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