Your brain controls your productivity

The productivity limit for most is 90 minutes. And the secret to being super-productive lies in the natural circular rhythms between the two hemispheres of our brain.

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Escape the office hamster wheel

Most of us spend 28 hours a week answering of e-mails. It’s too much! Escape the e-mail hamster wheel, and start having meaningful conversations instead.

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Are you sending people home to work?

For some employees working from home can boost productivity and professional satisfaction. Would you send people home to work, if performance increased 12%?

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A nice lunch beats Facebook and Linkedin – every time

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, and e-mails, makes networking really easier. But, meaningful face-to-face conversations over lunch have far greater value.

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Is someone looking over your shoulder?

Controlling employees is tempting. But, when you leave people alone for a while, they start thinking, motivation rises and both performance and productivity increases.

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Exit “Knowledge Worker”; Welcome “Knowledge Networker”

The era of the knowledge worker is over. A new breed is on the rise. Enter the “knowledge networker”.

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