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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Voice Assist
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Compatible with all phones.

Voice Assist—Your Hands-Free Virtual Assistant.

We spend lots of time behind the wheels of our cars – going to and from work, taking the kids to school, running errands. And throughout the day, you may find yourself with your hands full and cell phone ringing. Voice Assist and Jabra, will keep you safe and help you be more productive.

Voice Assist & Jabra: the safe and smart distracted driving solution

When you receive a phone call, text or e-mail, simply push the button on your Jabra headset and use Voice Assist to:

  • Answer your call. You can also make a call calls by just saying the name of the person. It’s that simple. Voice Assist allows you to sync your contacts with most major address books including Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange etc.
  • Send and reply to text messages. Voice Assist can read your incoming text message as well as allow you to dictate a text message.
  • Listen to your e-mail and reply. You can also create an email by dictating what you want to say. Voice Assist works with any IMAP/POP3 account.
  • Post to Facebook or Twitter.

Try us out for free for 5 days! We’re sure you’ll love how easy it is to get things done safely.