• Crystal clear sound and voice (DSP)
  • Talk on the phone without breaking the law
  • Play music, podcasts or GPS instructions
  • Pair it with two Bluetooth™-enabled devices
  • Talk for up to 20 hours and get up to 30 days of standby time 
Drive mobileTalk on the phone and so much more… Jabra Drive is the perfect road companion for your mobile phone. It’s a Bluetooth™  in-car speaker that you can pair with up to two devices. Talk on the phone hands-free, listen to music from your mobile or mp3 player or use it with the GPS on your mobile to get voice-guided directions. So many functions in a discreet, easy-to-use device.

No hassle, no fussYou need to get where you’re going, and Jabra Drive helps you on your way. It includes voice-guided instructions for pairing it with your mobile phone or other Bluetooth™-enabled device. It lets you know when you’ve successfully paired it with a device and when the battery is low.

Once you’ve synced it with your phone, it will pair automatically. And when a call comes in, you can answer it directly from Jabra Drive. Hands-free calling has never been this easy. 

Picks up your voice, and nothing elseEven though you’re on the road, you don’t want to sound like you are. Jabra Drive features noise-cancellation technology that dampens all of the road noise and gives you clear, crisp sound for your calls.
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  • Accessories

    • What's in the box?:
      • Rubber USB Cable
      • Car Charger
  • App

    • App Included: Jabra Assist
      Jabra Assist is an easy-to-use and simple smartphone application for headset and in-car speakerphone owners
  • Bluetooth

    • Headset Profile Support: Yes
      Make and take voice calls via Bluetooth connection
    • Phone Book Access Profile Support: No
    • Easy Pairing: Yes
      The product will automatically enter "pairing mode" the first time you turn it on
    • Over the Air Updates: No
  • Connectivity

    • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
      Supports Bluetooth™ for wireless connectivity
    • Bluetooth version: 3.0
      Supports Bluetooth® version 3.0
    • AVRCP: No
      This device does not support AVRCP, meaning you cannot control your music directly from the device
    • Auto Pairing: Yes
      With Auto Pairing, a device pairs automatically with Bluetooth® devices supporting this feature
    • Music: Yes
      Device can play music from a source, such as a Smartphone, Bluetooth enabled laptop, tablet, or MP3 player
    • FM Transmitter: No
  • Controls

    • Volume Buttons: Yes
      Control the volume via physical volume buttons
    • Voice Mute Button: Yes
      Mute your calls with a physical "mute" button
    • Auto Off: Yes
      The product turns off automatically after you stop using it
    • Auto On: No
    • Auto Connect: Yes
      The product will automatically connect with a nearby paired device
    • Power Nap: Yes
      When idle, the product goes into a "power nap" mode and consumes almost no battery
    • Automatic Volume Adjustment: Yes
      Conversation volume will be automatically adjusted based on the level of background noise
    • Voice Guidance: No
    • Motion Sensor: No
    • Voice language: English
      Get voice prompts and contol your product in these languages
  • Sound

    • HD Voice: No
    • Number Of Speakers: 1 speaker(s)
      The number of speakers the product has
    • Speaker Output: 2 W
      The output of the speaker, in watts
  • Speakers

    • Frequency Response: Narrowband
      Speakers with a narrowband frequency response are capable of producing sound in a range well suited for traditional analog phone lines
    • Digital Signal Processing: Yes
      Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a technology that digitally optimizes your voice and music and suppresses echoes
  • Microphone

    • Microphone Type: Omni Directional/noise filter
      Enhances call clarity by eliminating background noise from the office.
    • Mute function: Yes
      Mute gives you the option to mute/unmute the microphone directly on the device
  • Battery & Power

    • Talk Time: Up to 20 hours
      Talk Time is the maximum time you can talk before a device runs out of power
    • Standby Time: Up to 720 hours
      Standby Time is the maximum time a device can remain powered on
    • USB Charging: Yes
      USB Charging enables a device to be charged via a USB cable
    • Battery Capacity: 750 mA
      How much charge does the battery hold
    • Battery Type: Li-Polymer battery
      The battery type this product uses
  • Design

    • Wearing Style: VisorClip
      Wearing Style refers to the different ways you can wear or use the product
    • Weight: 3.38 oz
      How much the headset weighs (in US ounces)
    • Dimensions: L10.4 x W5.6 x H1.8
      Product dimensions, in inches
  • Control

    • Movement Sensors: No
      There is no Movement Sensor on this device

JABRA DRIVE IS Available in the following colors

1. CHARGE YOUR IN-CAR SPEAKERPHONE USING YOUR CAR'S POWER OUTLET Make sure that Jabra DRIVE is fully charged before you start using it.

Use the USB cable to connect Jabra DRIVE to the car charger

Plug the car charger into your car's power outlet

When fully charged (approx. 2.5 hours) the status light turns off
DRIVE 01 Charge Your In Car Speakerphone Using Your Car's Power Outlet
2. CHARGE YOUR IN-CAR SPEAKERPHONE USING A PC You can use your PC to charge your in-car speakerphone.

Plug the USB cable's charging tip into the socket on the in-car speakerphone

Plug the other end of the USB cable into the USB port on a PC
DRIVE 02 Charge Your In Car Speakerphone Using A Pc
3. TURN YOUR IN-CAR SPEAKERPHONE ON Slide the I/0 slider switch to the on (I) position

The status light turns solid blue when it is connected and then goes into standby mode

The first time you turn your in-car speakerphone on, it automatically enters pairing mode.
DRIVE 03 Turn Your In Car Speakerphone On
4. TURN YOUR IN-CAR SPEAKERPHONE OFF Slide the I/0 slider switch to the off (0) position

The status light turns off when your Jabra DRIVE is off

Sleep mode and Auto OFF
When not connected to a phone, Jabra DRIVE turns off automatically after 10 minutes. Use the I/0 switch to turn the in-car speakerphone on again.
DRIVE 04 Turn Your In Car Speakerphone Off
5. PAIR YOUR IN-CAR SPEAKERPHONE WITH YOUR MOBILE PHONE The first time you turn your in-car speakerphone on, it automatically enters pairing mode.

For later paring:

Turn Jabra DRIVE on

Press and hold the answer/end button for approximately 5 seconds until Jabra DRIVE goes into pairing mode and the status light starts blinking rapidly blue

Activate Bluetooth® on your mobile phone. Please check the manual for your mobile phone

Set your Bluetooth® phone to 'search' for the JABRA DRIVE. Follow your phone's instruction guide. This usually involves going to a 'setup,' 'connect' or 'Bluetooth®' menu on your phone and selecting the option to 'search' or 'add' a Bluetooth® device

Your phone will find the Jabra DRIVE

Your phone then asks if you want to pair with the JABRA DRIVE. Accept by pressing 'Yes' or 'OK' on the phone and/or confirm with the passkey or PIN = 0000 (4 zeros)

Your phone will confirm when pairing is complete
DRIVE 05 Pair Your In Car Speakerphone With A Mobile Phone
6. ACCEPTING A CALL ON YOUR IN-CAR SPEAKERPHONE The call status icon will blink blue when you have an incoming call

Tap the answer/end button to receive the call

Double tap the answer/end button to reject an incoming call*

*Phone dependent
DRIVE 06 Accepting A Call On Your In Car Speakerphone
7. ENDING A CALL ON YOUR IN-CAR SPEAKERPHONE Tap the answer/end button on your in-car speakerphone to end an active call
DRIVE 07 Ending A Call On Your In Car Speakerphone
Tap the volume+ and volume- buttons on the front of the Jabra DRIVE to adjust the volume level
DRIVE 08 Turning Volume Up And Down On Your In Car Speakerphone
When you play music, podcasts and GPS directions from your mobile phone, it will automatically transfer them to Jabra DRIVE. Or press the answer/end button to transfer sound to Jabra DRIVE

The sound will automatically be paused when you have an incoming call. When the call is ended it will start playing again

*Phone dependent
DRIVE 09 Transmit Music, Podcasts And Gps Directions
10. USING YOUR IN-CAR SPEAKERPHONE IN THE CAR The Jabra DRIVE sits discreetly and conveniently on the sun visor using the integrated metal clip

The product can be easily taken on and off the sun visor. For optimal sound quality, place the Jabra DRIVE right in front of you and speak directly into the in-car speakerphone
DRIVE 10 Using Your Speakerphone In The Car
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