Scientific studies prove that music has a positive effect on sports performance. Whether you are an Olympic athlete or a weekend runner, listening to music with the right beat keeps you going and helps make hard training seem more like fun. Maybe that’s why 72% listen to music while exercising. 

There are many options to consider when choosing a headset for sports. The easiest choice is to use the earbuds provided with your mobile phone. But, for more demanding sports like running and biking, it can be a good idea to look for a sports headset.


Bluetooth speakers come in a wide range of sizes, starting anywhere from the smallest – almost calculator size – to normal floor-size speakers.

If you want to take them along in your backpack, then small, portable speakers are right for you. If you will not be transporting them, then it may be best to buy a larger set that will reach further and have a louder sound. Do you need to move them from inside to outside, or room to room at home?


Bluetooth speakers connect at varying ranges. Most will reach distances of around 30 feet (9 meters) all the way up to 100 feet (30 meters), depending on the size and style you choose.

It is important to consider if you want to be able to connect from one end of your home to another or if you will be able to connect and play through walls in your home or work. If you need a smaller set to travel, then the connectable range offered may not be as great in some of the larger versions.

Jabra Solemate MaxSound Quality

Sound quality is not necessarily better because the speaker is larger or the price is higher. Sound quality depends primarily on the person who is listening to them. Some of the products have a bass feature and some have adjustable bass and sound options.

The best way to discover a speaker with good sound quality is to test them out personally. This can be done by going to any electronics store and just listening to the options that you are looking to buy based on other criteria that is important to your purchase.
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Other Features or Connections

If you have an mp3 player or other devices that are not Bluetooth-enabled, then it might be practical to ensure your device has other options for connectivity. This could alleviate a need to purchase extra accessories for other devices, and would give you multiple uses for your purchase and even allow you to spend more.

Solemate MiniColor and Style

The color and style may seem pretty simple, but with the vast array of choices it could become a deciding factor. Will the color and shape be versatile enough to go from home to office or home to school?

Manufacturer Reputation and Product Durability

A choice that lasts longer and that will get more play time is another consideration to make because if you will be moving the product around, durability will be a major factor for your decision.

The history of the manufacturer also plays a role in deciding if a product may be durable enough to last. If a company generally has a good track record for quality products, then it could be the better option when it comes down to deciding between two products.

Another way to make sure that it is a sound company is to see if they back their product with a warranty. If they have faith in their own product, then they will issue a warranty or guarantee of some kind. If the product does fail it never hurts to have the security of a warranty or guarantee.

Just make sure you register it after the purchase.
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