Download and run the quick fix (available at this link) to recalibrate the headset, so it can be charged.

Use the following steps to recalibrate the headset, so it can be charged:

  1. Dock the headset into a Pro 94xx base, and connect it to a PC.
  2. Download and save the zipped file (available at this link) on your hard disk. Then extract the 2 files from the zipped file.
  3. Double-click the "PRO9400_Recalibration.exe" file to run the program.
  4. If your PC prompts you with a security message ”Windows protected your PC”, click More info, and then click Run anyway. Within seconds, the headset will be recalibrated and ready to charge.

  5. Delete the zipped file and the 2 extracted files.
  6. If the headset still does not charge, contact technical support.

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