Headline 1

GN Elliot, 46 px

Headline 2

GN Elliot, 46 px

Headline 3

GN Elliot, 46 px

Headline 4

GN Elliot, 46 px
Headline 5
GN Elliot, 46 px


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Text witth a hyperlink in the middle

Color palettes


Jabra Yellow
Jabra Black


GN Dark Blue
GN Blue
GN Purple
GN Orange


Only 1 yellow btn in viewport.
In general use outline btn's (#999 or #fff)
Hover color is #333 (except white outline btns -> become white)


Yellow button .jbr-btn--yellow

Outline button .jbr-btn--dark-outline

Yellow button .jbr-btn--yellow

Outline button .jbr-btn--dark-outline

Yellow button .jbr-btn--yellow

Outline button .jbr-btn--white-outline


Large button .jbr-btn .jbr-btn-large

Small button .jbr-btn

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