Jabra Vendor Services Group Program Eases Cash Flow for the Entire Solution – Not Just Headsets

(NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, July 22nd, 2014) Jabra today announced the launch of its Jabra Vendor Services Group Program which gives North American customers and partners the ability to wrap the cost of their deployment - hardware, software and services - into a monthly subscription based payment model. Avoiding large up-front capital expenses removes a major deployment obstacle faced by many IT departments, from small businesses to Fortune 500 clients, and accelerates the success of communication and collaboration deployments.

The Jabra VSG Program is designed to allow end users to take advantage of new communications and collaboration technology without the burden of high up-front capital expenses by entering into a simple monthly subscription agreement. It also benefits Jabra’s channel partners, not only by giving them a simple financing tool that removes one of the biggest hurdles in new deployment success, but also by funding them in full typically within 48 hours. Best of all, Jabra VSG handles all logistics, support and financing for the duration of the subscription agreement. At the end of the subscription term, customers can upgrade to newer solutions, return the equipment or keep what they have under a new agreement.

By allowing all components of the deployment to be covered under the subscription agreement, both channel partners and end users can enjoy the benefit of one single agreement that covers everything – not separate agreements with different vendors.

 "With this new program from Jabra, our customers can now replace their traditional phone systems with a unified communications solution without the typical large upfront investment,” Apex Digital’s VP of Technology Eric Inch said. “The costs associated with the entire upgrade, from the gateways and endpoints to the professional services and software costs, can be paid as a monthly subscription over the term of the agreement. Technologies like Microsoft Lync provide numerous benefits including increased collaboration, efficiency and access and this Jabra program provides a great solution to help facilitate increased adoption. I’m excited to talk about this offering with our current and future clients."

While the Jabra VSG Program was originally envisioned to be a solution for the SMB market, early pilot programs have shown the company that even Fortune 500 clients enjoy the benefits of greater financial flexibility. “Cash flow is like oxygen to the SMB market,” Jabra’s Sales VP Urban Gillis notes. “So anything we can do to help stay fast and competitive in this business environment is good for everybody. But with enterprise class CIO’s coming under more pressure to quantify the benefits of their voice deployments –which is a trend we’re definitely seeing – we’re finding that even the big players want the flexibility that comes with a scalable approach like our VSG program.”

 For more information on the Jabra VSG Program, contact your local Jabra sales representative or email us at VSG@Jabra.com.