Jabra unveils next-generation wireless sports headphones with world-first fitness tracking

Introducing the Jabra Sport Pulse and Jabra Sport Coach Special Editions
 with improvements in fit, sound, durability and smart new sports features

  • Optimized for running, Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition are the world’s first sports headphones to feature automatic (and continuous) VO2 Max fitness testing
  • Optimized for the gym, Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition are the world’s first sports headphones to feature automatic repetition counting through the TrackFitÔ  motion sensor
  • Passive noise cancellation, enhanced bass and a broader choice of fitting options
    with the addition of COMPLY® Foam Tips in-box with both Special Editions
  • Improved resistance to sweat with a three-year warranty against sweat*
  • Jabra Sport Life App included and leading third-party running/fitness apps supported

August 15, 2016 – Jabra extends its range of wireless sports headphones and continues to innovate in the sports audio sector with the launch of two new Special Editions. Just like the existing line-up of Jabra sports headphones (Jabra Sport Pulse, Jabra Sport Coach and Jabra Sport Pace), the new editions offer quality calls, music for motivation and intelligent in-ear coaching to help enhance your training effectiveness, whether you’re an experienced runner or just getting active. In addition, these next generation versions deliver innovation in all areas, with passive noise cancellation, a broader choice of fitting options, improved durability and world-first intelligent sports features for fitness enthusiasts of all standards.

World’s First Smart Sports Features

Jabra Sport Pulse, launched in September 2014, brought in-ear biometric heart rate monitoring to sports headphones for the first time. Two years later, the Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition takes another innovative step by using the in-ear heart rate monitor (together with the Jabra Sports Life app) to constantly calculate your VO2 Max level – a globally recognized and established test of aerobic fitness – and automatically measure your fitness level.

Whether a seasoned athlete or just trying to get fitter, the personalized VO2 Max data generated by the Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition allows you to track your fitness development and get the most out of your workout. It uses intelligent in-ear coaching to provide real-time feedback based on your heart rate and fitness level. When you’ve finished your run, the Jabra Sport Life app provides a range of information to help you improve your fitness level in the future, including distance covered, pace, route, calories burnt and training effect.

The Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition are the world’s first sports headphones to feature automatic repetition counting through the TrackFitÔ motion sensor. With in-ear coaching, they give you the freedom to plan, track and concentrate on your workout.

Developed to help you make the most of your time at the gym, the Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition works in combination with the Jabra Sport Life app. The TrackFit motion sensor detects your movement and the app counts and logs your repetitions, and advises when to move on to the next exercise. From launch, the app will be able to automatically count ten of the most commonly performed exercises, including push-ups, lunges and burpees, with updates to the app increasing the number of new exercises available over time.

Enhanced sound and additional fitting options

No matter what conditions you train in, or how hard you train, both new Special Editions work just as hard. In addition to a choice of different sized ear gels and ear wings, the headphones now come with COMPLY® Foam Tips as standard, keeping the earbuds securely locked in-place throughout your workout. They also provide improved sound-quality for calls and music, with passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass.

Improved durability

Both Jabra Sport Pulse and Jabra Sport Coach Special Editions offer certified dust and water resistance (to IP55 standard) and are tested to US military standards against wind, rain, sweat and shock impact. Reinforced by a three-year extended warranty against sweat*, you can be confident that both sets of headphones will perform, no matter how challenging your workout.

Extending the sports audio range

Together with the existing Jabra Sport Pulse and Jabra Sport Coach, and the recently launched Jabra Sport Pace, the Special Editions reinforce the position of Jabra as a leading expert in intelligent sound solutions, particularly for those with an active lifestyle. As part of the GN group, pioneers in sound from sports headphones to hearing aids, Jabra continues to offer superior sound engineering and unrivalled expertise.

René Svendsen-Tune, CEO at Jabra says: “We have made great strides with our sports headphones over the last two years. And from a strong start I’m really excited that Jabra can now deliver next generation sports headphones with better sound, more options for a perfect fit and a host of world-first sports features. Jabra Sport Coach and Pulse Special Editions are evidence of our commitment to lead in the field of intelligent sound solutions.”

Features and product details

  • Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition
    • NEW automatic (continuous) VO2 Max fitness testing
    • In-ear biometric heart rate monitoring
    • Advanced planning and tracking based on heart rate
    • Resting Heart rate test
    • Orthostatic Heart rate test**
    • Smart in-ear audio coaching
    • Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition
    • Superior sound and secure fit (both Special Editions)
      • Superior ergonomic in-ear fit
      • Make and take calls
      • Passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass
      • Ergonomic and resilient design (both Special Editions)
        • Dust and water resistant (IP55)
        • Lightweight (16 grams)
        • Up to 5 hours of talk/music time
        • Up to 10 days stand-by time
        • NEW three-year extended warranty against sweat*
    • NEW Automatic repetition counting with TrackFitÔ motion sensor
    • Smart in-ear audio coaching
    • NEW Comply Foam Tips

Jabra Sport Life app – innovation for existing users

Automatic fitness testing and automatic rep counting will also be freely available as upgrade features on existing models of Jabra Sport Pulse and Jabra Sport Coach, respectively. The additional functionality is available with a software upgrade to the supporting Jabra Sport Life app, and is part of a commitment from Jabra to enhance their intelligent sound solutions throughout the life of their products.

Find out more about this upgraded functionality and further improvements to the new Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition and Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition at: http://www.jabra.com/sports-headphones

Pricing and availability:

The Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition (RRP $159.99) and Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition (RRP $119.99) will be available in select retailers from Q3 2016.

Notes to Editors

*based on the one-year standard warranty plus a further two-year extension available when users download the Jabra Sport Life App.

** Campbell University, North Carolina, USA study commissioned by Jabra. The comprehensive trial included runners on a treadmill and simultaneously tested Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless against a medical electrocardiogram (ECG) machine


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