Use this framework in your career to get your next promotion without burning out

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Saying yes to everything at work is often seen as the surest way to your next promotion. But having managed teams for more than a decade, I’ve seen the negative side to this and developed an alternative approach. I’m constantly curious about what drives my team to perform within a global organizational structure. A lot of my role is focused on empowering them to get the job done to a high standard, and it’s always rewarding to see people fulfill their potential. But I see one thing repeatedly in highly ambitious people that is costing them an accelerated career path. Read on to find out how to focus your time and make career-minded decisions based off of this framework. 


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How to achieve life balance when you commute between countries for work

Exactly 1000km separate my front door from the entrance to my office. It’s a journey that takes me around 272 minutes, or just over four and half hours.


If the minute breakdown seems a little OCD, it’s because I am when it comes to time. Clichéd as it is, when the one thing we can’t buy more of is time, each day is centered around optimizing mine. And though I work in another country and travel extensively around the world for work, I have a better work/life balance than if I was working on my doorstep in London. If you read on, I’ll tell you why, and more importantly how. 
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How a Jabra and Red Bull collaboration lead to new microphone technology

Markus Stoeckl races the Streif with his mountainbike in Kitzbuehel, Austria

From big ambitions come bold innovations. Which is why when Red Bull Media House approached Jabra, the resulting project developed an entirely new microphone to record sound in high-wind environments, with potential uses that extend far beyond the world of professional sports. Continue reading

Extreme Sound that Takes You Inside the Action

Extreme sports are all about in-your-face action, and nothing takes us closer to it than sound. With a new partnership between Jabra and Red Bull you’ll experience the intensity and emotion of extreme sports like never before.

Close your eyes and just imagine…

Sitting atop the engine of a Formula One race car as it screams past 9,000 RPMs…. The bone-rattling crunch of two football players colliding at full speed…. The explosion of spray as a massive wave crashes over a surfer’s head….

When it comes to extreme sports, the centre of the action is the place to be. And nothing propels us off the couch and directly into the middle of the experience like a crisp

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