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Better New Year Resolutions? Three suggestions: S, M and XXL.

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December 29, 2015
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by  Louise Harder Fischer

The end of the year is magical. It represents both an end AND a beginning. It is a time of reflection and a time for renewing. To me, it is about looking back at the year to reflect upon the things that were good – and not so good. Then it is about looking forward at the year to come and try to imagine what could be a driver for a change to the better.

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I research in “new ways of working.” And to be honest, we could improve so much in this area. In the realm of this, I have three suggestions on inspirations for a New Year’s resolution: A small one, a medium-sized one and an extra-extra-large one. You decide, of course.
Tripp and Tyler

Small: In today’s global and virtual workplace, we too often find ourselves in poor, virtual conference calls that are supposed to make it up for human-to-human interactions. Since human interaction is the key to knowledge creation, we really need to improve in this area. Join me in looking at this video from Tripp and Tyler. Looking back at the many video conference calls that I engage in, it captures all the dysfunctional elements.

Hahaha…Now join me in making a small resolution: That we will improve our behavior around virtual meetings ALSO by checking that the supporting technology is in place.

This should be an easy one, and will have a great impact on the quality of collaboration and interactions at your workplace.
Office frustration
Medium: Interruptions in today’s open-office spaces are creating stress at the workplace. Our organizational culture and norms have a hard time keeping up with how to guide our behavior. Join me in looking back on some of the worst open-office events captured on video.

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When you have finished laughing, it is time to turn this into a resolution. Even though you might not be the guy copying the monitor screen, I know a lot of frustration is piling up during the day. Join me in making a medium-sized resolution: That we will try to be more “individual mindful.” Practicing individual mindfulness – as in, “don’t let it get to me” – is the new black in office-behavior! Make a resolution about practicing on your own. Better still, ask for a course at your workplace.

Otto ScharmerThe Extra-Extra Large: This is a resolution about not being a sleep-walker anymore. It is about not repeating the same things over and over again. It is about being more objectively aware of interpreting the dynamics of behavior in the world. Otto Scharmer, a senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, discusses this topic in a 15-minute interview at the Davos Summit last year. In it, he provides a way in which we as leaders and individuals can be more mindful in the decisions we make and how we interpret the world. If you don’t have 15 minutes, just listen to the first 10.

I hope you’ll join me in either the S, M or XXL. Next year we will look back and then look forward in the hope of improving work – and the world.

Happy New Year!


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