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Unified communication deployment tactics – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

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May 12, 2015
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Customers often come to us for advice when unified communication (UC) deployments are not taking off as planned: After a sizeable investment and years of planning and implementation, employees dig in their heels. Here is what I tell them…

UC offer today’s global enterprises an unprecedented way to unite globally dispersed workers and increase productivity, all the while reducing infrastructure costs and earning a rapid return on investment.

Yet despite the promise UC offers, employee adoption of UC technologies remains low. Many workers remain resistant to giving up established tools and ways of working.  Three weeks ago my colleagues released a business brief on the subject. I will save you the eight page read – instead I have done two videos on what I tell people when UC deployments are not taking off as planned.

Overcoming the barriers to adoption of unified communication:

Steering users toward greater adoption of unified communication:


I would be happy to hear your suggestions on how we can increase UC adoption rates. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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