How to Eliminate 3 Barriers to a Great Workout

What stands between you and your ideal workout session? Find out how an exciting new technology can give you the workout you deserve.

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Let’s face it: Working out is tough. And not just the physical part.

Plenty of things get in the way of an ideal workout – like making the time, focusing on the task at hand and staying motivated, just to name a few.

That’s why I’m really excited about our Jabra Sport Coach. As the world’s first sports earbuds with rep counting and many other groundbreaking features, they address much of what stands between us and the ideal workout.

Just think of them as your own in-ear personal trainer. That’s because they can do just about everything a personal trainer does. Yet unlike a trainer, Jabra Sport Coach is available 24/7, so you can work out where you want, when you want.

If you could miniaturize yourself and crawl inside a pair, you’d be amazed by the technology. Tucked inside is a tiny accelerometer, which is just a fancy name for a motion sensor, a device that measures acceleration forces. Unlike the motion sensors used in homes and businesses to scare off burglars, this one measures the dynamic forces of body movement. By sensing the amount of dynamic acceleration in the Jabra Sport Coach earbuds, you can precisely track your workouts.

When you pair Jabra Sport Coach with the Jabra Sport Life app, the workout possibilities become nearly endless. Just enter your height, weight and gender into the app and soon it will be able to automatically count repetitions of many exercises, ranging from arm curls to pushups to lunges, as well as walking or running speed, distance, step count, calories burned and more.

Together, the Jabra Sport Coach and Jabra Sport Life app help eliminate three of the most common barriers to an outstanding workout:

Getting Fit on Your Terms

Perhaps the biggest downside to working out at a gym or using a personal trainer – apart from the price – is availability. With a personal trainer, you need to set up a recurring appointment or schedule your workout for a time when he or she is available. This means that if you have a hectic or unpredictable schedule, working with a personal trainer is almost impossible.

Jabra Sport Coach provides many of the benefits of a personal trainer without the inflexibility or cost. Combined with the Jabra Sport Life app, you can work out anytime, anywhere and for as long as you’d like.

Getting (and Staying) Motivated

We all derive inspiration from different sources. For many, the motivation to complete our workouts comes from a personal trainer. Of course, it’s easy to do one more pushup, another lunge and one more squat with someone next to you shouting “One more!” into your ears.

You can get the same level of inspiration – without the yelling – from Jabra Sport Coach. It not only counts your reps but also matches them to the exact workout you’ve personalized and then gently but firmly encourages you until you complete your session.

Focusing On Your Workout, Not Your Reps!

Our workouts are demanding enough, both physically and mentally, without the added stress of constantly having to count reps. It seems like we spend more time trying to get the count right than being sure we’re using proper form.

With Jabra Sport Coach, combined with the Jabra Sport Life app, there’s no need to count reps or, worse, guess at how many we’ve done. That allows us to place our focus squarely where it belongs: on our workout. Jabra Sport Coach will soon be able to count reps for nearly two dozen common exercises, including pushups, arm curls, squats, dips, jump rope, lunges, pull ups, back extensions and many others. You can even view a series of videos on the app to see how to properly perform the exercises to gain maximum benefits from them.

Now more than ever, with Jabra Sport Coach there’s no reason not to enjoy a great workout.