Meet our contributors

Holger Reisinger

Jabra Senior Vice President, Global Accounts, Products and Alliances
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With a MSc. in Economics and Information Management, from the University of Applied Sciences and Technologies in Salzburg, Austria and over 21 years of experi­ence from the IT and Telecommunications industry, Holger is a passionate and visionary spokesperson for New Ways of Working.

As an accomplished IT&T executive, with successful industry experience in leadership, sales, global marketing and operations, Holger Reisinger has over the last ten years been involved in Business Development for VoIP and before his current position he was heading-up sales in EMEA Central spanning; Russia, Eastern Europe, MEA & Turkey, Benelux, Austria and Switzerland.

Peter Hartmann

Senior Director, Product Management, Consumer Solutions
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With an Msc. in International Management and Marketing from Copenhagen Business School and Richard Ivey School of Business in Canada, and more than 15 years of experience from the telecommunications industry, Peter is a passionate, curious, and visionary spokesperson for New Ways of Living.

Peter has broad experience within the mobile consumer electronics industry where he has worked with innovation, technology trends, portfolio strategy, product development, and strategic partnerships across the globe. Throughout his career, he has always focused on identifying the “Next Big Thing” and is today responsible the Jabra B2C product roadmap that spans from sports audio to communication solutions in both stereo and mono.

As a family man, an avid skier, a yoga practitioner, a casual runner, and an ambitious young professional, Peter looks to technology as an enabler and enhancer of his life. In his world, technology should both enable him to be connected and plugged in as well as help him create free time, off the grid. Productivity to Peter is to get more out of life through the right use of technology – and sometimes by not using any at all.

Louise Harder Fischer

External associate Professor & independent researcher
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Louise is an experienced researcher, writer, lecturer, advisor and speaker in the field of IT-Change-, Knowledge- and Innovation Management. She has written several books and articles on how to focus on the end-user in both research and in systems development, and advices organizations and companies in how to master knowledge creation and collaboration supported by IT.

She will contribute on themes of selection, adoption and exploitation of network IT, for better knowledge flows and companywide collaboration, for achieving individual and organizational innovation and productivity.

For the past 6 years she has been and independent researcher and advisor, external associate professor at CBS in IT-Change Management and adoption and exploitation of Enterprise 2.0 for achieving companywide collaboration and knowledge flows in organizations.

Daniel Gniazdo

Online Marketing Specialist & Copywriter Dude
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Daniel is an online marketing specialist by day and a copywriter by…also day. He loves to write and cringes at “corporate speak,” so he’s your guy when you need techy stuff explained in simple words.

In his spare time, Daniel writes articles for humor and trivia sites, including and (where he’s also a freelance editor). Daniel sometimes strings random words together on his humor blog.