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May 18, 2017
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Those owning or working for a SMB do truly exceptional work. And with more than half of Americans falling into this category, Small Business Week showcases and honors the efforts made by these people. But what makes SMB talents tick?

Jabra appreciates the contributions of this dynamic community and decided to join in the fun of this year’s Small Business Week. Throughout the week of April 30th, we conducted daily Twitter polls (@We_are_Jabra) to learn what inspires SMB workers. From where they concentrate best, to the tools they utilize and the challenges they face, we were treated to an eye-opening experience. Here are some of the key takeaways!


A common misperception about SMB employees is that they are relatively stationary – working in the office or perhaps telecommuting from home. While 28% of our respondents said that they spend most of their day in an office, 45% reported that they work in the field or in transit.

This not only means that these workers perform on-the-move, it also underscores that they must be able to work whenever, wherever. While they can be distracted when working in coffee shops, airports, or their car, 45% say it is social media and the internet that cause the biggest distractions. Not surprisingly, 34% credit other people as being the biggest distraction. What’s a great way to tune out disrupting background noise? A quality pair of headphones.

The Tech Effect

In order to work remotely, the SMB community relies heavily on technology. This doesn’t just mean laptops and cell phones, it also includes professional audio devices and unified communications tools. Based on our findings, 32% of SMB employees utilize wireless headsets, compared to 30% who use a corded headset.

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Using a headset fades out background noise – whether on the road or in an office – and helps to give calls greater clarity of sound. Today, using unified communication (UC) tools has become second nature to SMBs, who take advantage of their features on a daily basis. We found that 38% of these workers credit UC tools with “improving collaboration”, and 25% say that they “increase productivity.” Audio/web conferencing and project management collaboration rank as the top two UC features that SMBs rely on most frequently, coming in at 40% and 30% respectively.

Tomorrow’s Work Mode, Today

The work habits of the SMB community reflect the future of work behavior. It’s becoming increasingly common to work from cell phones, for example, or to hammer out emails from your local coffee shop. In this environment, it’s critical that workers utilize technology in order to make the 24-7 nature of our jobs easier to deal with.

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