Why Our Digital Assistants Say the Dumbest Things!

Ever wondered why our digital assistants often fail in such spectacular and hilarious fashion? The surprising answer can be found within one of the most basic human skills.

Is your digital assistant having a hard time understanding you?

You know. Like when you ask: “Is it going to rain tonight?” and get back a cheerful, “Rain. A noun. Definition: Moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops.” Continue reading

Eavesdropping on Conversations that Changed History

We often take conversation for granted. But these interactions have the power to persuade, spur innovation and change the world. Just take a look.

Jabra NWoL blog 13 - historical conversation_FINAL

If you could listen in on one conversation from history, what would it be?

I found myself asking that question the other day. I was riding the train and trying to escape the discussion coming from the seat ahead of me. A fellow passenger was on the phone, pleading with someone, somewhere, to do something. “No really. Please? Come on…. Please, please?” Continue reading

Please Interrupt Me… So We Can All Get More Work Done

Interruptions are a fact of life in today’s open offices. But are all interruptions necessarily bad things? We’ll take a look at how some of them are actually vital to increasing our productivity.


 “Make yourself available!” … “Make yourself available!”

The words still ring in my ears. They came from my childhood football coach as he desperately tried to get a group of oblivious youngsters to watch where the ball was being played—and be ready to receive it.

I got thinking about Coach’s words while reading some interesting research about interruptions in today’s open offices. In a nutshell, scientists can’t seem to agree on whether interruptions are good for our productivity or bad. Others weigh in with a qualified “it depends,” based on the context. Continue reading