DREAMS Are Key to Successful Autonomy in the Workplace

Increased autonomy in the workplace leads to greater innovation, productivity and employee satisfaction. But it also presents several cultural challenges. Find out how to establish a strong company culture around autonomy and individualization.

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I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

Let me explain. I recently attended a meeting that included some of our newest employees, most of them students who work here while attending university.

They made a great impression, with outstanding reflections about our product positioning, marketing strategy and market trends. They weren’t afraid to provide their opinions and offer input. Continue reading

From Production Line to Knowledge Factory: The Past, Present and Future of Work

Plenty of organizations are looking for ways to help employees become more engaged, inspired and innovative. Ride with me as I trace the roots of employee disengagement and search for practical solutions, including changing the way we organize work in the knowledge economy.

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Ever wonder how we got here?

Not to this point in the history of civilization. Rather, how we got to a place where 70% of knowledge workers admit to being disengaged from their jobs? And, equally important, how can we overcome it? Continue reading

Workers (Not) Gone Wild: The Case for Employee Autonomy

The days of the boss continually looking over your shoulder are over. By granting workers added autonomy, organizations are increasing employee engagement and boosting productivity.

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I had a crazy thought the other day – one that had me questioning my business sense, if not my sanity. Let me explain.
Continue reading