Can voice analytics stem the customer-satisfaction skid?

Big data, in the form of speech analytics, is revolutionizing the way customer service is delivered. Can it jump-start stagnant customer satisfaction levels as well?

I’ll admit it. As predictions go, mine wasn’t as bold as the ones that foresaw flying cars, the end of the world or even that spam (the digital variety) would soon be eradicated from the earth.

But unlike those not-so-prescient prognostications, my prediction actually came true.

Several years ago I forecast that corporate contact centers would soon dive headlong into “big data” to provide a better, more personalized customer service experience. Continue reading

How to Apply Big Data Successfully in Customer Service!

In an environment where 80% companies say they deliver outstanding service while just 8% of their customers agree, organizations are turning to big data to provide a better, more personalized service experience.

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We’ve all heard of “big data”. It’s the combination of powerful algorithms and vast troves of random data that enables us to predict hurricanes, prevent diseases, fight crime and do lots of other worthwhile things.

But using it to improve customer service?

Absolutely. Big data is the next frontier in customer service, and certainly a worthwhile one – especially since 80% companies say they deliver outstanding service but just 8% of their customers agree. Continue reading

Big Data Will Predict Your Promotions And Career Success

You are great because you are standing on the shoulders of giants. Those shoulders are about to get a whole lot wider with the introduction of big data in human resources. By analyzing the performance data of the people that have gone before you will make sure that you do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Big data is the buzzword of the here and now. However, it is usually used when getting consumers to purchase this, that, or the other. But there is a noticeable trend, which you need to be aware of, that could save you millions in recruitment and retention of the right candidates, and make the data work for you.

Big data is not just for business: I just read an interesting article in Time magazine that some US graduate schools are starting to use the information they have from previous students and apply the outcomes on their current student body. In this way, they can quite accurately predict who is most likely to graduate and who is steering off course, in a manner of speaking. I think that this is a very interesting way of making use of big data. Big data is used in the interests of the student, who now receives advice on how to stay on the right track and access help before it is too late. Continue reading