Will “Work from Anywhere” Die Before It Even Gets Started?

Just barely in its infancy, the powerful new way of working known as “Work from Anywhere” is already under threat – from the very things that make it possible.

Hooray! We’re working from anywhere these days.

But how long that lasts is anybody’s guess.

“Work from Anywhere” (WfA) may be today’s hottest business concept. You probably know it by one of many other names, including telecommuting, working remotely, work-from-home, work-on-the-go and others. By any name, it’s all the same: Organizations give their employees wide latitude to do their jobs from anywhere they’d like.

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Call quality matters in a wireless world

The business world was once dominated by enterprise applications on dedicated servers and fixed-line desk phones. Now, this world is rapidly becoming cloud-based, wireless, and mobile. When it comes to unified communications, businesses have more options than ever before.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for people to communicate and work together. Be it voice or video calls, business people expect to be able to connect whenever and wherever they want, on whatever device, and on their own terms. And they expect their calls to always sound perfect, too. Continue reading