Call center headset reviews: What to look for

When you’re looking for a call center headset, you’re likely to check out a few reviews to help you make up your mind. Finding the reviews shouldn’t be a problem. Google wasn’t invented yesterday. But it helps to have a better idea of what you really want from a headset to know what to look for in call center headset reviews.


With that in mind, here are some questions you may ask before reading the reviews: Continue reading

Wireless Headsets in Contact Centers: Benefits & Challenges

Businesses have previously looked at contact centers as cost centers: an important, customer-facing cost of doing business. Over the past decade or so, that has begun to change. Organizations now look for ways to turn contact centers into profit centers. At the very least, companies want to make contact centers run as effectively and efficiently as possible. That’s where wireless headsets come in.

Contact Center

Several years ago, it seemed like contact centers were in a race to the bottom when it came to driving costs down. Now, leading companies look at their contact center as a key part of their brand, and at their agents as knowledge workers. These agents are now empowered to help companies reach higher levels of service. As such, companies need to invest in these employees – by training them and giving them the technology they need. Continue reading