Why a Nice Lunch Beats Facebook and LinkedIn – Every Time

Emails, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other digital solutions are great for information sharing but are killing innovation, collaboration, and efficiency in modern knowledge-based companies. It’s time to enter the era of meaningful conversation. I just rediscovered an old book that shows us how.

Just the other day I finished re-reading the New York Times bestseller, “Never eat alone,” written by Keith Ferrazzi. The book is basically a cookbook in achieving success by building and utilizing your personal network to get better jobs, more business, new opportunities, or whatever you crave in life.

The concept is simple: if you build a large personal network, the network will, over time, reward you with more opportunities in life. All you need is to plan your targets and execute your plan, and, of course, buy Mr. Ferrazzi’s book.

“Never eat alone” is about your personal success; re-reading the book made me realize that it also holds a hidden gem for the successful companies of the future. Continue reading

Please Interrupt Me… So We Can All Get More Work Done

Interruptions are a fact of life in today’s open offices. But are all interruptions necessarily bad things? We’ll take a look at how some of them are actually vital to increasing our productivity.


 “Make yourself available!” … “Make yourself available!”

The words still ring in my ears. They came from my childhood football coach as he desperately tried to get a group of oblivious youngsters to watch where the ball was being played—and be ready to receive it.

I got thinking about Coach’s words while reading some interesting research about interruptions in today’s open offices. In a nutshell, scientists can’t seem to agree on whether interruptions are good for our productivity or bad. Others weigh in with a qualified “it depends,” based on the context. Continue reading

Next Week, Let’s Put Down Our Smartphones and Give Someone a Hug!

January 21 is the official National Hugging Day, a time to commemorate this simple act of a slight physical contact and probably the most common sign of affection. It’s definitely a day worth celebrating, especially when technology is robbing us of the in-person social experiences that are so vital to our well-being.

Germany, Rur Reservoir, smiling businessman in canoe

OK, everyone, let’s have a big hug in celebration of the official National Hugging Day on Jan. 21!

I’m completely serious. Although I’ll admit that I laughed when a colleague told me that there was a National Hugging Day in the US. I laughed even harder when he suggested I write a blog about it. Hugs, really? Continue reading