These four jobs will soon go bye-bye

Don’t panic! You won’t lose your job tomorrow. But thanks to the ongoing digital revolution, Generation Z will live in a world where these four jobs will morph into something else entirely…and that’s good news.

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Thanks to modern technology, our workplace changes fast these days. Jobs that didn’t exist yesterday suddenly become indispensable; others job are doomed to quietly disappear or give way to new ones. You’ll probably be seeing fewer and fewer postal workers around, as snail mail becomes a relic of the past. On the other hand, we’re bound to start hearing about certified Pokémon GO consultants any day now.

Similarly, some corporate positions will also go the way of the dodo. They won’t disappear completely, mind you. They’ll simply adapt to the modern age. Here are four of them, but I’m sure you can think of more.

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Get it Done, Faster, with a “How-to-Do” List

To-do lists are great for prioritizing tasks, but not so great at helping us accomplish them. Supercharge your productivity by transforming your humble to-do-list into a how-to-do list.

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Want to cross more off your to-do list – in less time?

Turn it into a “how-to-do” list.

That’s the revelation I had while reminiscing about a fantastic sailing trip I took not long ago.

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A Look into the Future of Collaboration

We’ve spent plenty of time discussing collaboration in today’s workplace. But how will workers collaborate in the years and decades ahead? Join me as we dust off our crystal ball and peer into the future.


It’s no secret that we as business professionals collaborate today in ways we never dreamed of just five or 10 years ago.

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