Google Searches Leave Customer Service with the Tough Calls

Thanks to the explosion of information online, customers are more knowledgeable – and more demanding – than ever. Here’s how to make sure that “hyper-informed customers” also remain loyal, satisfied ones.

At the dizzying rate information accumulates online, we see a staggering rise of what I call “hyper-informed customers” – those who diligently scour social media, blogs, review sites and more to know virtually all there is to know about our products and services. Continue reading

Are We Creating Knowledge… or Just Turning Out Information?

Our organizations are awash in information. But it seems as though we’re just filing it away – instead of using it to create and share knowledge.

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 I just took a long, accidental stroll down memory lane, courtesy of one of my company’s file servers.

Let me explain. I needed a very specific report and accessed one of our internal systems to locate it. After a few minutes of searching, I was certain I’d found the report… until I discovered another, different version of it. And then another. And yet another.

After an hour of looking, I gave up. I never found what I needed.

All of which led me to a realization: We obviously do a great job of churning out information in our organizations, but are we creating knowledge? Continue reading