What a 3 week holiday taught me about leadership

Having worked in multinational corporations my entire career, I often wondered about my colleagues taking 4-6 weeks of holiday a year, however this was not a very comfortable concept for me.

I recently came back from a 3 week vacation, which was the longest vacation for me – ever.

I was feeling quite nervous, anxious and guilty before going on this trip. Thoughts around whether the team will be able to close the quarter on budget, who will represent me at the management meetings, what will my team think of me, what will my manager think of me etc.

I was in for a pleasant surprise once I returned Continue reading

Don’t Just Lead. Inspire.

What makes a leader great? The ability to inspire people to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily be capable of doing. We need more of these “inspirational leaders” in our organizations today.

president-john-f-kennedy-396982_1920 (2)

Think about some of the greatest leaders in recent memory. Churchill. Gandhi. Kennedy. Mandela.

They had many traits in common, but one that stands out is their ability to inspire people to accomplish things that were thought to be impossible.

Whether leading a nonviolent fight for independence, rallying citizens under siege or willing a nation to the frontiers of space, each united the masses to overcome seemingly insurmountable tasks. Continue reading

Five Ways to Light the Fire within Our Workers

More than two-thirds of today’s workers are in a funk. They’re indifferent, bored and disengaged from their jobs – which is having a huge negative effect on productivity, innovation and customer service. Here are some fundamental ideas for getting your workers back onto the bandwagon.

LS_Jabra_0135_beach_partying_group (2)

When was the last time you encountered an employee with an unlimited passion for their job? You know, the type of worker who goes out of their way to make every interaction special—and raises the level of performance of everyone around them? Continue reading