Better New Year Resolutions? Three suggestions: S, M and XXL.

by  Louise Harder Fischer

The end of the year is magical. It represents both an end AND a beginning. It is a time of reflection and a time for renewing. To me, it is about looking back at the year to reflect upon the things that were good – and not so good. Then it is about looking forward at the year to come and try to imagine what could be a driver for a change to the better.

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I research in “new ways of working.” And to be honest, we could improve so much in this area. In the realm of this, I have three suggestions on inspirations for a New Year’s resolution: A small one, a medium-sized one and an extra-extra-large one. You decide, of course. Continue reading

The Secret to Greater Productivity? It’s In the Cube.

“O.K. Holger, I’ve found your New Ways of Working blogs highly interesting and even eye-opening at times. But I’m wondering…. Is this concept based on some kind of scientific theory – or is it something you just came up with?”

Amy W.

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I’ve been blogging about what we at Jabra call New Ways of Working for more than a year-and-a-half, and of the many questions and comments I’ve received, the one above really stood out. I appreciate honesty, and it’s one of the most to-the-point emails I’ve received since we started this journey!

So I thought I’d use this blog to explain the underlying framework behind New Ways of Working (yes, there is one, Amy!) and introduce a tool to help managers and knowledge workers plan their workdays for increased efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction.

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Workers (Not) Gone Wild: The Case for Employee Autonomy

The days of the boss continually looking over your shoulder are over. By granting workers added autonomy, organizations are increasing employee engagement and boosting productivity.

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I had a crazy thought the other day – one that had me questioning my business sense, if not my sanity. Let me explain.
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Dear Microsoft, Help us Make Meetings More Effective?

Workers everywhere spend too much time attending business meetings. But maybe there’s a better way. We wonder aloud if a few simple upgrades to Microsoft Outlook could reduce the number of meetings we attend, while making others more productive and less time-consuming.



To: Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft Corp.
From: Holger Reisinger, SVP, Jabra
Subject: Proposed changes to Outlook to improve business productivity


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