UC Spells a Trillion-Dollar Opportunity for Public Institutions

By  Cheryle Walline

A trillion-dollar opportunity awaits: By better managing IT projects, public sector entities can offer improved service at a dramatically lower cost. Here’s how to apply the concept to adoption of unified communication technologies.  


How many times have we heard that we need to “do more with less,” “work smarter” or “transform the way we work?”

Probably more than we can count – and almost to the point of cliché.

But when respected consulting firm McKinsey & Company turns its sights toward helping the public sector offer improved service at a lower cost, people pay attention. Continue reading

The 28-Hour Hamster Wheel

Knowledge workers spend 28 hours a week answering e-mails or looking for information. But research shows that there are better and faster ways of generating your business results. It’s time to dismantle the hamster wheel, stop hiding behind our screens, and start having meaningful conversations instead. 

My company, just like most others, spends a great deal of time on e-mails. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the average knowledge worker spends a whopping 28 hours e-mailing, requesting and sending information back and forth. I personally receive well over 200 e-mails a day and often have to spend my evenings answering them all, in order to be able to get my other work done when I’m back in the office.I guess that the lyrics of traditional boy/girl break-up love songs seldom have much to offer in solving today’s management challenges. But just the other day, Cliff Richard’s old hit “We don’t talk anymore” was playing on my car radio, and it got me thinking.

Twenty-eight solid hours! Continue reading

Forget MVPs. Our Organizations Need More MVEs (Most Valuable Employees)

The question is as old as business itself: How do we differentiate our organization from the rest? The answer may lie in understanding and empowering a new class of workers.

APRIL 12_Jabra NWoW blog - Forget MVPs._IMAGE

I had an interesting experience several months ago at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

As I looked out at all the amazing new devices and technologies on display, I couldn’t help but sense a sameness to many of them. In a fast-moving industry like electronics, a company’s product idea or enhancement is quickly copied by others. Continue reading