Why Our Digital Assistants Say the Dumbest Things!

Ever wondered why our digital assistants often fail in such spectacular and hilarious fashion? The surprising answer can be found within one of the most basic human skills.

Is your digital assistant having a hard time understanding you?

You know. Like when you ask: “Is it going to rain tonight?” and get back a cheerful, “Rain. A noun. Definition: Moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops.” Continue reading

My #%@&*! Device Doesn’t Understand Me!

Are your voice-activated devices driving you crazy? You’re not alone. But that is about to change soon, as devices get smarter and begin to understand more languages.

Jabra NWoL blog 16 - language and voice devices_FINAL

I just watched a hilarious video that’s been making the rounds on YouTube for a while. In it, two businessmen are stuck in a voice-activated elevator because it won’t recognize their Scottish accents. No matter how hard they try, it won’t budge, alternately replying to each command with “Could you please repeat that?” or “Please speak slowly and clearly.” Continue reading