How to Eliminate 3 Barriers to a Great Workout

What stands between you and your ideal workout session? Find out how an exciting new technology can give you the workout you deserve.

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Let’s face it: Working out is tough. And not just the physical part.

Plenty of things get in the way of an ideal workout – like making the time, focusing on the task at hand and staying motivated, just to name a few. Continue reading

What is The Yin to Your Digital Yang?

We have apps to manage virtually every part of our everyday lives. How do we decide which are necessary and which we can survive without? The answer lies within ourselves.

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Did you get in your 10,000 steps yet today? Or drink your 6 glasses of water?

There’s an app that’ll tell you. In fact, the list of apps to manage our everyday lives is virtually endless – ranging from how many steps we take to when we should get out of our chairs and stand up to which foods we should eat.

There’s no question that apps are great tools for helping us get in shape, live longer and organize our hectic daily lives. They do it in a way we all understand: Continue reading

The Hidden Secret to Achieving that Resolution? Knowing What Motivates You.

The new year is upon us. And while it’s too early to ask how that resolution is coming along, it is a good time to investigate what drives our behavior and understand how we can turn motivation into action.


The party hats are put away, the champagne bottles are in the re-cycling bin and the revelry is but a fond memory.

Now it’s time to get down to the real business of 2016: Achieving that New Year’s resolution. Continue reading